Eat : Chinese New Year Steamboat at Yezi, 1Mont Kiara

In about one month time, we’ll be celebrating my favourite festive season in the whole year,  which is the lunar Chinese New Year in 2017! There is just so many reasons that it’s my favourite season, excluding the ang pao(s), the best part about Chinese New Year is being able to feast endlessly. It is meals after meals, eating after eating.. all the delicious food that I will have. One of my all-time favourite food is the steamboat and I remember it being a common food to have, usually for reunion dinner.

It’s however, rather tad difficult to prepare for a steamboat feast at home especially if you would like to have variety of different items to be added into your steamboat pot. The preparation time itself will take some time before food is finally ready to be served. Hence, for the ease of convenience, I'd rather take my family out for a delicious meal at YeZi’s latest outlet in Mont Kiara. The opening of the second outlet in Mont Kiara is just in time with the Chinese New Year celebrations, hence in conjunction of the upcoming celebrations … YeZi have introduced the Chinese New Year 2017 Promotion beginning on the 1st of January!

YeZi’s Chinese New Year 2017 Promotion consist of  various different premium flown in meats and seafood, accompanied with desserts to perfectly finish the meal! There are three different kind of sets which you can choose from whereby you can opt for different seafood choices, types of porks and balls for your meal. For your easy reference, you can have a look at the different sets for the Chinese New Year promotion below. During my meal at YeZi Mont Kiara, I had the chance to try the Set A, together with my choice of Fragrant “Shao Xing” Wine Crab Broth.

| "Shao Xing" Wine Crab Broth |

| Tiger Prawns & Sea Asparagus |

| Fresh Pork Slice |

| Fried Lobster Salad Balls & Chicken Balls With Mushroom |

| Prawn Paste & Fish Paste |

| Mixed Vegetables & Mixed Mushrooms |

| Crystal Rice Cake |

| Ramen |

So, if you’re looking for a delicious place to celebrate the Chinese New Year, in a cosy and new environment, you can always pop on over to YeZi’s Mont Kiara outlet. The steamboat meal was absolutely delicious and hearty, served with only the freshest ingredients and premium in-house ingredients, like the fish paste, prawn paste and the yummy balls!

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