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Back in my school days, I remember my friends and I had handphones which we would so often use to text one another after schooling hours. In those days, prepaid plans was the most economical plan around for us students on the budget. For me, this is still true till today which explains why I’m still using prepaid plans, rather than postpaid. I honestly haven’t found a reason to switch from prepaid to postpaid, mainly because I like being able to control how much I spend on my mobile plans. I really enjoy the flexbility of being able to pay as I use my phone - be it data, calls or texts.

These days, we call and text less but we need the Internet Data connection for us to keep in touch with our family, friends and social media platforms. Being connected is ever so important for me, and I’m sure it is the same for everyone else! So it is really no surprise that a huge chunk of my prepaid mobile spending goes to buying monthly Internet Data for my phone.

But I have discovered that Digi now offers the Unlimited Daily Passes from RM1, for its prepaid users like myself. These Digi Unlimited Daily Passes allows us to enjoy unlimited talking, surfing and streaming from only RM1/day. There are three different type of passes which are the Unlimited video streaming (Lite), Unlimited Social (Lite) or Unlimited Internet Calls via WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger. These days even a roti canai costs more than RM1, so I’m glad that with only RM1… I can subscribe to any of the three daily passes for 24 hours after the activiation.

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Unlimited video streaming (Lite)

Under my previous Internet plan, I’d usually refrain myself from watching videos unless I’m connected to a Wi-Fi as video streaming takes up a huge chunk of my data plan. But under Digi Unlimited video streaming (Lite) pass, I am able to stream any videos from Digi’s Video Freedom Partners of  Netflix, Youtube, iFlix, Astro on the Go, HyppTV Everywhere, Viu, Dailymotion, Tonton, Dim Sum and Hero Talkies. The videos are at standard definition videos @ 512kbps, which is optimised for mobile streaming of videos.  Previously, I would usually only watch from Youtube, but I have so many options now!

Unlimited Social (Lite)

The next plan, which is the Unlimited Social (Lite) which is my favourite plan of the three daily passes. This is because under the Unlimited Social (Lite), I can surf and chat on Facebook all day & night long. Surfing on Facebook is another one of my habit, because that is the first thing I’d do whenever I’m bored or when I just woke up from my morning sleep. It’s a routine that I do, needing to check Facebook at least 15 minutes before I get up and to get ready. Besides Youtube, Facebook actually takes up most of data actually, which is why I usually only surf when I have Wi-Fi. With the daily Unlimited Social (Lite),  I can now surf without worrying that my data will be gone because the daily pass is unlimited!

Unlimited Internet Calls

The last Digi Unlimited Daily Passes is the Unlimited Internet Calls, where we will be able to make video and voice calls on Whatsapp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger. This will definitely come in handy when I need to keep in touch with my friends and family. Like Youtube and Facebook, video calls also takes up a huge chunk of Internet Data, so again I would refrain myself from video calls! But not with this Unlimited Internet Calls pass, friends and family, I’ll be calling you guys up more often now!
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Like I mentioned earlier, these unlimited daily passes allows the flexibility of only paying for when you need to use each respective services… be it video streaming, Facebook surfing or Internet Calls. It is definitely easier to manage my expenditure that way, plus these daily passes are unlimited! So you really don’t have to worry about the quota as well. For more information on the Digi Unlimited Daily Passes , hop on over to this site >> .

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