Eat : Chinese New Year Cookies with SCS Butter!

Chances are you may have heard me say this before, ‘'I’m actually allergic to the kitchen.” This basically translates to, I can’t cook and even if I do, I might bring the kitchen down or turn it upside down. A couple of weeks earlier was the Chinese New Year and I had the opportunity to try an assortment of artisanal cookies baked with SCS butter.

Ask any baker and they will tell you the best butter to use for baking is actually the SCS butter! Since its inception in 1905, SCS offers premium quality butter that is au naturel, free of artificial colouring, additives, preservatives, and hormones. It is mde from only the fnest ingredients, SCS butter undergoes an extra churn to give it a creamier edge over any other butter! When I baked the salted egg yolk cookies with my best friends last year, we used SCS butter too!

Now back to the cookies that I tasted; there were four diffferent cookies Treasure Cookies, Lucky Tangerine, Precious Pistachio Rollover Biscuits, and Pot of Gold Miniature Tart. Treasure Cookies is loaded with a rich buttery taste, and decorated with royal icing. Lucky Tangerine is an addictive melt-in-the-mouth cookies with a hint of almond. The creamy, crunchy, and distinctive texture of pistachio nuts folded into dainty looking shortbread savours your taste buds, making Precious Pistachio Rollover Biscuits one of my favourite cookie of the four I tried. My next favourite one is the Pot of Gold Miniature Tarts, which combines an array of traditional Chinese New Year seeds and nuts, sitting on a delicate & flavourful crust. These tartlets are baked with melon seed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, whole almond, macadamia and pecan, held together by rich, gooey caramel.

 Lucky Tangerine |

  Precious Pistachio Rollover Biscuits |

  | Pot of Gold Miniature Tarts |

If you’re interested in baking these delicious cookies yourself too, you can actually check out SCS’ Facebook page at or their YouTube channel at for these recipes. Or to make things even easier, let me share with you the recipes to these cookies here! That way you can even print out the recipe and refer to it as you are baking. :)

Happy baking!
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