Shout-Out : Meet Honestbee, the online personalised grocery concierge!

It was probably a couple of months back that I first recalled seeing this cute bee logo, intriguing me to find out what they represent. Back then, what I knew is that the logo represent a new app in town which is called honestbee, an app and website which enables you to shop online for your groceries. Fast forward to now, honestbee have officially launched in Malaysia just a couple of weeks back in The Bee, Publika. (Did you notice what they did here by choosing to launch at The Bee?)

Prior to the launch, I thought it was just another site which allows you to shop for groceries online. However, I discovered after attending the launch that honestbee is offering more of a personalised concierge service by getting their shoppers to pick the freshest produce, look out for expiration dates, suggest the most suitable substitutes, (if the items requested run out of stocks) and package your items properly.

If you ever had the opportunity to shop my groceries with me, you’ll realise just how particular I am when it comes to picking my items. There are specific criteria that I make sure of before I buy any items. Take watermelon, for example. My parents taught me to pick a ripe, delicious, juicy one by making sure the stem is dry and the watermelon, needs to sound hollow when your hand smacked it lightly. So, with honestbee, I can convey these special requests to my personal shopper who will make sure my requests are met. You can learn more about this personalised service by reading this post on how Shopper Bee (the personal shopper of  honestbee) picks the freshest vegetables and fruits >>

Besides offering a personalised service, you can also shop from multiple stores in one order unlike most groceries delivery services where you can only order from only one particular store. honestbee currently partners with more than 10 well-renowned outlets – a list which is set to grow through the year. These include: anchor partner Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G.); as well as specialty stores such as Shojikiya,, Cat & The Fiddle, Southern Rock Seafood, Castania Nut Boutique Vom Fass, The Blue Cow Butcher, La Juiceria, Wondermilk, Wine Connection, Cookie Box, GNC, Real Food and Chai Huat Hin and farm to table grocer Jezripe.

As an added convenience, you can also specify the exact date and range of time for which you’d prefer your groceries to be delivered to your desired address. It could be to your home or even your office, as long as they deliver to that location. Currently, honestbee delivers to major locations in Klang Valley and Petaling Jaya, but don’t fret if your address is not listed yet. This is as honestbee is in the midst of expansion, it’ll only a matter of time before it includes more coverage over the coming months!

The honestbee platform in Malaysia can be accessed by logging on to or downloading the honestbee app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. In conjunction with the official launch, I have a promo code [ BEE30 ] which you can use to get RM30 off your bill. Please note that this code is valid storewide till 31 May 2017, for new customers with a minimum spend of RM150.

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