Out & About : Nail Workshop at The Touch, Sunway Velocity

Imagine if you could head to a one stop location to get your complete beauty fix whether in terms of the services or products to purchase, or even beauty workshop. Let me then introduce you to The Touch, which is a new concept where it’s a studio-academy-salon-retailer under one roof, located at Sunway Velocity on the Commune Floor (5th floor).

Travel : An Adventure to The Mystical Hidden Lake in Ipoh

I always believed that the reason why the world holds so many wonders, was because we were meant to explore and marvel at their beauty. And, contrary to many beliefs, you don’t need to travel far to discover these wonders. Dear Malaysians, you’ll be surprised to know that we have quite a few of these in our homeground. Let me share with you my travel adventure to the mystical hidden lake in Ipoh, which famously known as Tasik Cermin.

Beauty : Only RM199* for SHIZEN VISAGE Collection!

Ask most ladies and they will tell you that make up products can be rather expensive, especially since it can go from the range of minimum RM40 up to hundreds of ringgit. In all honesty, I’m all for natural beauty but there are some very basic make up products that a lady would need. Like myself, besides the usually skin care products, I would apply BB cream, loose powder and eyeliner for my everyday look. I believe that make up helps to enhance our natural beauty which also helps to boost our confidence level.

Review : Slouch me not with Jonlivia’s Phiro Back Support!

Growing up, I always remember how my mom would often nag at me to straighten up and not slouch. As annoying as I used to think it was, I realised why she’d do that now. It was because posture plays a very important role, whether in terms of appearance or from a health perspective, amongst other reasons. Thanks to my mother, I have a pretty good posture although it can be improved. I said this because I do realise now that I have a tendency to slouch especially when I’m tired, bored, annoyed, etc… you get what I mean and at that time, I just want to get into a confortable position. So I will just slouch.

Beauty : The Daisy Sky Travel/Trial Kit

Have you ever stopped and wonder about the different type of harsh chemicals that we put onto our precious face? That thought had actually crossed my mind multiple times but I struggle to find a product which is completely natural and free from these harsh chemicals. To make things worse, some of the products we used on a daily basis, could consist of ingredients which can cause cancer. :/

So, when I was introduced to Daisy Sky Malaysia, I was excited to learn that their products are a 100% natural, made from plants and floras (flowers, if you don’t know). In fact, because their products are all-natural, it is recommended to finish the Daisy Sky Malaysia products within 6-months (maximum) upon opening.

Out & About: Wedding Gowns Fitting at Ivory White Bridal House

Ever since I was little, I have had moments where I dreamed about how wonderful it is if I could be a princess or at the very least, dress up as one. But frankly, I never got to during my childhood. My parents brought me up in a way that I never did quite demanded for things, I just learnt to live without that need. Over the years though, I grew up and I didn’t revisit that fantasy until recently, when I tried on wedding dresses for the first time at Ivory White Bridal House. Now I know why wedding gowns are such an important part of a wedding, there is just an indescribable feeling.