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Have you ever stopped and wonder about the different type of harsh chemicals that we put onto our precious face? That thought had actually crossed my mind multiple times but I struggle to find a product which is completely natural and free from these harsh chemicals. To make things worse, some of the products we used on a daily basis, could consist of ingredients which can cause cancer. :/

So, when I was introduced to Daisy Sky Malaysia, I was excited to learn that their products are a 100% natural, made from plants and floras (flowers, if you don’t know). In fact, because their products are all-natural, it is recommended to finish the Daisy Sky Malaysia products within 6-months (maximum) upon opening.

I’ve received The Daisy Sky Travel/Trial Kit, courtesy of Daisy Sky Malaysia for me to try a few of their well-known products but in trial size, so as to allow me to try a wider variety. The Daisy Sky Travel/Trial Kit contains the following products in smaller sizes which makes it easier to carry around too.
1 x 50ml Bulgarian Lavender Highland Hydrosol
1 x 20g Facial gel (Rose Gel or Lavender&Chamomile Derm Revival Gel)
1 x 30ml Herb Rhythm Roaming Face Wash
1 x 30ml Aloe Vera Gel
1 x 50ml Aromatherapy Microbubble Shampoo
1 x Cotton napkin
1 x Daisy Sky toiletries bag

The Herb Rhythm Roaming Face Wash Cleanser is ideal for makeup removal, and to clean and unclog pores without drying or tightening the skin. The face wash has a natural scent, similar to the other products from Daisy Sky Malaysia which I found to be very calming. It is also rich in natural essential oils and cold-pressed extra virgin vegetable oil, giving it a fresh and elegant texture. The textured foam from the cleanser helps to glide the product over the face easier too.

The Bulgarian Lavender Highland Hydrosol is distilled with Bulgarian Mountain Spring Water combined with the essence of lavender, which is effective in diminishing inflammation, balance oil-production, avoid pimples and fade out imperfections. I found the scent of the hydrosol  very calm and soothing , which helps to improve my fragile, tired skins from my daily stressful activities. What I did with the hydrosol was simply using it as a face mist, after using the Herb Rhythm Roaming Face Wash. But this hydrosol  is multi-functional and can be applied as a spray to wet or dry hair to help boost healthy growth, get rid of dandruff and strengthen follicles. Or, you can also add a few drops in your bath water to reducing anxiety and stress before bedtime, which would be ideal for those suffering from insomnia.

The Bulgarian Lavender and Chamomile Derm-Revival Gel is a calming and cooling gel which is designed to soothe dry, stressed and problematic skin. The texture is non-sticky water-based gel which glides over your skin smoothly and absorbed rather quickly by the skin. What I did was actually using this product after the Daisy Sky’s Bulgarian Lavender Highland Hydrosol.  I found that this product is great for helping control blemished skin which is prone to breakouts. For this derm-revival gel, you can use it either as a primer or as a moisturiser.

The Aloe Vera Gel is a 99.8% concentrated gel that is ideal for all skin types, made from aloe vera. Aloe vera remains one of the top ingredients in beauty products due to its multiple usages especially in terms of healing propoerties. The gel can cure skin abrasions, eliminates scarring and rejuvenate skin to a more youthful and attractive appearance, especially for skin which is constantly exposed to the sun, air-conditioning and harsh weather. When I first used the product, I accidentally squirted too many out as I had expected the consistency to be thicker. What I realise was that, as it is naturally extracted hence, the gel  was actually more liquid-like than gel. Hence, the gel  also have multiple purposes such as adding on to any of the hydrosols at a ratio of 3:1, used as a spray toner or face mask with the Japanese Silk Mask.

If you’ve been looking for a shampoo which doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, you don’t need to look any further as the Naturally Balanced Micro Bubble Shampoo from Daisy Sky Malaysia is made only from all natural ingredients, Silicone-free with no-SLS and contains no parabens. It is made from natural plant extracts, along with the combination of different type of essential oils. It produces micro-bubbles which is natural, soft and foamy to help with cleansing the scalp and yet promoting hair growth, shine and scalp-care. The shampoo leaves your hair with a gentle sheen and light bounce and helps control dandruff and oil secretion throughout the day as well.

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Remember how I mentioned that the Daisy Sky’s Bulgarian Lavender Highland Hydrosol is versatile and actually have multiple uses? One of its uses which I found to be rather handy is to use the hydrosol  to make your very own DIY face mask with the Compressed Japanese Silk Mask. This mask is unlike your other mask,

The mask is designed to fit every shape of the face snugly, made from Japanese cotton silk which is gentle to the skin. Based on the closer look of the mask, you'll notice how fine the mask is. Besides that, the compressed size is also convenient and compact for travel as well.

Here I will show you a very simple step-by-step guide where you can see how I do it. All you need is three different items; which is Daisy Sky’s Bulgarian Lavender Highland Hydrosol or any other hydrosol that you prefer, the Compressed Japanese Silk Mask (mine is not compressed but it's the same) and a bowl, a container is fine too!

All you need to do is place the mask into the bowl / container, then spray / pour enough of the hydrosol to make sure the mask is fully soaked with the product! And just like that, you have made your very own mask!

I hope I didn't scare you with my "mask-ed" face, you can see that the mask fits quite well but for the picture above, I've been smiling and moving my face so much. So, you may see some gaps but rest assured it fits quite nicely. It's been some time since I last did my complete product review of a range and it was quite fun to be able to try these products. Again, I cannot emphasize how much I loved that it all natural. I can pretty much use them without worrying of any harmful chemicals present.

You can find all the product links which I have included above; under each picture of the product as a caption. Alternative you may also like to hop on over to, to explore what Daisy Sky Malaysia have to offer. That is all from me now!

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