Out & About: Wedding Gowns Fitting at Ivory White Bridal House

Ever since I was little, I have had moments where I dreamed about how wonderful it is if I could be a princess or at the very least, dress up as one. But frankly, I never got to during my childhood. My parents brought me up in a way that I never did quite demanded for things, I just learnt to live without that need. Over the years though, I grew up and I didn’t revisit that fantasy until recently, when I tried on wedding dresses for the first time at Ivory White Bridal House. Now I know why wedding gowns are such an important part of a wedding, there is just an indescribable feeling.

The bridal shop is located along Jalan Kuching, at a relative new commercial development area. With the help of Mel from Ivory White Bridal, whom provided us with very clear and precise instructions on how to get to the shop, along with guide to parking in the building, we managed to arrive at the shop without any confusion. It’s located on the upper floors of the building, so you’ll need to take a lift right up.

With a step into Ivory White Bridal, you will be greeted with the sight of gorgeous white wedding dresses which would make you go, “Ahhh…”. Then, as you turn around, you’ll find a row of evening gowns of different designs and colour too! This was exactly how I felt stepping into the shop, even though I have visited other bridal shop before. I like how cosy Ivory White Bridal feels like, which is exactly how brides-to-be would want to feel as they are making one of their most important decision in their life – the wedding gown!

The wedding gowns in Ivory White Bridal are handcrafted especially from a local designer orginating from Bergamo, Italy and made by talented tailors from Taipei. Hence, the designs here are actually one-of-a-kind and unique as compared to the other wedding dresses available out there! There are an array of designs to choose from ranging from ball gowns, mermaid tails, A-line, V-neck, corset bodice… you’ll pretty much be spoilt for choices. Do keep in mind that all of us ladies have different body shape and hence, as gorgeous as the dress is…. it’s always best to choose a design which compliments the body.

That was the key point I learnt from my experience of trying the wedding dresses there, because as much as you loved a particular design it might not look and fit you as well as you imagined it to. So as dreamy as this whole affair of choosing your very own bridal wear, best is to stay realistic and fall in love with a dress that you look gorgeous in. The second tip is to actually visit a bridal shop with a close girlfriend or your sister, basically a person, whom you can accept her honest opinons.  This is because you’ll realise that you might need a second opinion on how you look and that opinion should come from someone you can trust. :) Besides, it’ll be good to have her along with you to help in wearing these dresses as it can be quite a handful with those thick layers of tulle and fabric! Another tip is to wear nude undergarments as some of the dresses are quite sheer and it would stand out when you try on these dresses.

Before I deviate further, let me bring you back to my experience in Ivory White Bridal. As part of the review, I was invited to try on a few of the wedding dresses, along with the evening gowns of my choice. From this experience, I have detailed out a few handy tips in the paragraph above. In addition to trying the dresses, a simple photoshoot was held in the shop itself by Jason Koong from MJK Photography. Jason is actually Mel’s husband and they have started their bridal business after being inspired from wedding shoots that Jason did for his clients. I had such a lovely time with them, from putting up the make-up  to picking my dresses to the photoshoot we did! By the way, Mel was also the one who did my make-up and hair do. However, she mentioned that she does usually have a team of make-up artists which clients can pick from based on the styles they prefer. The make up studio is known as L’iddylle Studio.

As you can see from the pictures, Ivory White Bridal is a rather cosy place filled with natural light which personally is best for choosing your dress. That way, you know what the exact colour of your dress is, unlike in weird lighting where there would be colour cast. It makes it a perfect place to have a simple mini shoot there, as well. Additionally, you can see that there is a raised platform with huge mirrors for you to see how the dress looks like from every different angle. :) That very area is also the place for you to change, so the curtains would be drawn and you can change comfortably in it. It is very spacious so it can definitely fit the hugest ball gown, with its layers of tulle while you change into it.

For me, with this being my first time trying wedding dresses, it felt like a dream came true. Growing up with my younger sister, I remember we came across some bridal magazaines when we were younger (probably around the age of 7 to 9 years).. and we were in awe. We imagined how it would be to wear these dresses, it would feel like a princess. And that’s exactly how I felt, so now I know why the wedding gowns are so important for a bride-to-be.

So, do drop by Ivory White Bridal to view the designs of the dresses and to try the dresses too (there are free trials for the wedding dresses, right now if I’m not mistaken)! Besides that, you can also consult Jason Koong for your pre-wedding and actual day wedding shoots as well. :) I find that it is really convenient that they do provide all the solutions under one roof! There should be special promotion price if you engage them for the gowns, photography and make-up too!

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F-3-8, Pusat Komersial Jalan Kuching,
51300 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Red is so your color babe! Love the red dress on you :)

    1. Thanks dear! I especially love any burgundy maroon red colour dresses. :D

  2. So beautiful I wish to try on it too

    1. It's very dreamyyyy, now I know why wedding dresses are so magical!