Review : Slouch me not with Jonlivia’s Phiro Back Support!

Growing up, I always remember how my mom would often nag at me to straighten up and not slouch. As annoying as I used to think it was, I realised why she’d do that now. It was because posture plays a very important role, whether in terms of appearance or from a health perspective, amongst other reasons. Thanks to my mother, I have a pretty good posture although it can be improved. I said this because I do realise now that I have a tendency to slouch especially when I’m tired, bored, annoyed, etc… you get what I mean and at that time, I just want to get into a confortable position. So I will just slouch.

I know that if I don’t do something about that, I will actually start to develop a habit of slouching. Prior to this, I have stumbled a couple of other solutions which involves purchasing expensive products that might not even work. To be honest, I was skeptical. I didn’t want to end up spending money on something which would just end up collecting dust in the corner of the room. That was until I heard of Jonlivia's Unisex Phiro Back Support product which is actually a simple wearable brace.

The Jonlivia's Unisex Phiro Back Support claims to help to correct poor posture by training your body to keep your shoulders back, to correct scoliosis and other malformed spinal curvatures, and to relieve posture related back pains, shoulder pains and headaches. This was something that one would know to be true after actually giving the product a try.

The product is a very simple product which you can wear and the best part is that it’s adjustable, giving you the flexibility to wear it to your comfort. There is a wide waistband, for you to wrap below your waist. Then, you have two smaller adjustable belts for you to adjust the tightness. Just like that, you’re done! You can see that it’s very flexible and in fact, the product can be shared with siblings or parents if you’re almost the same size as they are.

As I mentioned earlier on, you’ll need to actually try the product out to know if it works as it says. So, allow me to share my own experience of using the product. It is made of a very light material which is slightly stretchable. You can adjust the fit of the product by the velcro strip on it. I love how it was designed to be adjustable, because it’s not restricted to a certain size or weight.

My initial thoughts after wearing it is that you’ll unconsciously straighten your back or should I say automatically, since the product is designed to train your body to get used to this posture by simply wearing it 30 minutes in day. Honestly, as the product is light… it felt quite okay to be wearing it and continue on with your work. Although I must say that because it is wrapped around your lower waist, it does get uncomfortable and warm especially if worn on a hot day. But that wouldn’t really be a problem as we are indoors most of the time, besides it is recommended to wear for just 30 mins in a day.

For those who wished to make a change in terms of their posture, you can consider this Jonlivia's Unisex Phiro Back Support  product which costs RM210. This makes it rather affordable compared to many other options out there, coupled with the fact that it’s so simple to wear. Did I mention that it is also lightweight, so it really does makes it convenient to bring along anywhere. If you’re interested to get one, just head on over to this link >>> .

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