Out & About : Launch of Global Milbon’s Creative Style hair styling series

Have you ever came across the hair care brand known as Milbon which is actually Japan no.1 professional haircare brand? I haven’t either until I was introduced to the Jemile Fran product range, last year around June 2016. That was my first encounter of the brand and I was really impressed with those products that I have tested then. About a couple months later, Global Milbon launched their new Signature Line which has three collections known as Smooth, Moisture and Repair. Each of these collections have products which helps to restore the health of your hair, offering solutions to enhance the appearance and manageability of the hair.

Ever since I’ve attended the Global Milbon's 360° Beautiful Hair Signature Line launch, I’ve actually been using their Smooth range which are suited for ladies which have textural concerns. It helps to instantly detangle and improve the feel of the hair, giving it a soft, silky smooth finish. Now, I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner since last year, now they have launched their Creative Style range. As the name suggests, the products from this range are used to help style the hair. Within the range, there are a total of six sub-categories of the products which are MOLDING, WET SHINE, WAVE, TEXTURE, VOLUME and FINISH.

The MOLDING wax  has a breakthrough creamy texture but light with reworkable finish, allowing for multiple styles throughout the day and still rinses clean. There are three different type of molding wax where it is recommended to use Molding Wax 3 for texture and separation,  Molding Wax 5 for shape and control, and Molding Wax 7 for sculpting and molding.

As for the WET SHINE, it is a gel with the incredible spreadability of a cream, helping to tame frizz and flyaways while adding buildable hold for both polished and extreme wet looks. Its slow-dry technology gives precision styling with ample of time. The Wet Shine Gel Cream 5 is high gloss while Wet Shine Gel Cream 8 adds a satin finish and more powerful hold.

Under WAVE, there is two products  which are the Wave Defining Cream and Wave Enhancing Mousse. The Wave Defining Cream is naturally derived from botanical oils and glycerin which helps to condition unruly hair for enhanced definition, shine, and soft, touchable hold. You can use it on your hair and then, air dry or diffuse hair for beautiful waves, or blow dry for a sleek, shiny finish. Honestly, this product is the one I’m looking forward to try! I received this product from the launch and will try it on my curls! Can’t wait to share about my experience using it. :) The Wave Enhancing Mousse helps to revive natural curls and waves in an instant: this shea butter and beeswax-enriched Mousse is perfect for touching up and refreshing dull hair. It also tames frizz and fights humidity while delivering definition and soft hold.

Similarly, the TEXTURE range also consists of two products. There is the Texturizing Sea Mist which can help to create the beachy waves, tousled looks, lived-in styles. This Mist is powered by a perfect blend of sea salt and sunflower seed oil to amplify texture, body, and hold for soft, limp hair. It also protects against heat while accentuating hair’s natural waves. As for the Dry Texturizing Spray, it is a multi-tasking invisible Dry Spray bringing flexible grip together with a matte finish while also absorbing oils to help extend styles between washes.

Thickening Mist is part of the VOLUME range, fortifying hair while creating maximum volume. The mist plumps up individual strands while adding elasticity for long-lasting, flexible hold. It is infused with honey and shine-enhancing panthenol, protecting the hair from heat damage and boosts control during blowouts—without ever getting stiff or crunchy. 

FINISH is the last range of the Creative Style series, where the Hairspray product is part of this range. It is a perfect blend of polymers mixed with hydrolyzed silk and glycerin delivers durable hold to keep any style in place. Strong Hold Hairspray 7 adds flexible hold, leaving hair brush-able, touchable, and workable without being sticky or stiff. Extra Strong Hold Hairspray 10 provides powerful hold to defy frizz and instantly lock in styles.

From the write-up above on each of the products, there is basically something which is suitable for everyone! It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have or the look you wish to create, surely you can find the perfect product(s) from Global Milbon’s Creative Style Range. Currently I don’t have the list of salons/retailers which you may purchase these products from, but you can stalk Milbon’s Malaysia Facebook page here for any further updates on its availability >> https://www.facebook.com/milbonmalaysia/. Also, thanks for the invitation to the launch! <3

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