Out & About : A Soiree Party at the *new* Posh! Nail Spa TTDI !

Located at the corner of the quiet street of Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7 in Taman Tun Dr Ismail is Posh! Nail Spa, a nail parlour founded by Ms Sereen Ng in 2010. 7 years later, Posh! Nail Spa have expanded to 4 different outlets across Klang Valley – with outlets located at TTDI, SS2, Nu Sentral and Damansara Heights. When you think of this and of their humble beginning of a room sized saloon with two chairs, you cannot help but feel amazed at Posh! Nail Spa’s success!

Beauty : Let's Talk! - The Pros and Cons of Hair Removal Methods

Most of us love our hair, striving for luxurious tresses we can arrange in hundreds of different styles. However, we also have hair we would rather not grow, like on the legs or upper lip or back. There are many ways to remove unwanted hair and each with their own pros and cons. Today I decided to list down several common methods along with the good and the bad of each treatment type.

EAT : Porkylicious meals at Naughty Nuri’s !

For all the pork ribs lovers out there, I’m sure you need no introduction to Naughty Nuri’s where you can find the best ribs in the world. To claim such and be known for having the best ribs in the world, comes with a heavy responsibility of upholding that. Whilst I was in Bali which was where Naughty Nuri originate from… I actually didn’t have the chance to try them out. But rest assured, we can get the same ribs they serve in Bali, right here in our homeland.

  Signature BBQ Spare Ribs | RM 48

Beauty : Unboxing the Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Party Box worth RM1,000+ !

 “ Be a part of something bigger than yourself.”

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If you’re a blogger in the beauty scene, chances are you’ve heard of the Butterfly Project Malaysia. It’s a community for beauty and lifestyle bloggers which was founded by Tammy Lim, whom we fondly known as Mama-san. It is an avenue where like-minded individual who are passion in sharing about their experiences can gather and create content together! That was the core founding principle, and boy, did this community grow! I joined the Butterfly Project Malaysia since December 2013, during its early days making me one of the ancient butterflies of the community.

Out & About: Launch of Jonlivia Lifestyle Club, SS2

Just the other day, a good friend of mine casually mentioned that being fit is the new trend. I wanted to object it but then I let the fact sinked in, to realise that it is true. So often I find my friends sharing pictures about their fitness workouts whilst scrolling through my social media feeds. Riding along this fitness bandwagon is a clothing brand that most Malaysian would have heard of before. Jonlivia, the brand name in active lifestyle wear had recently launched the 1st ever activewear Lifestyle Club on the 25th of May, 2017 at their premises in SS2, Petaling Jaya. The Jonlivia Lifestyle Club (JLC) aims to help Malaysians in general to discover a healthier, active lifestyle whilst staying trendy and stylish at the same time.