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Most of us love our hair, striving for luxurious tresses we can arrange in hundreds of different styles. However, we also have hair we would rather not grow, like on the legs or upper lip or back. There are many ways to remove unwanted hair and each with their own pros and cons. Today I decided to list down several common methods along with the good and the bad of each treatment type.

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This method uses electric currents which are delivered via a metal probe or needle-shaped electrode. The current attacks the hair follicle, destroying the root in the process.
Pros: This treatment is FDA approved as effective in removing hair for long periods and perhaps even permanently with repeated use. It also works on all skin tones since it uses electrical currents rather than light. A single session is low cost.
Cons: In order to become permanent, it will take as many as 30 sessions. Bent follicles caused by prior tweezing, waxing, or other hair removal processes can interfere with the application. On occasion, skin can become discolored. It also becomes pricey when you tally up repeated sessions. Too expensive for large areas.

Hair Removal Creams
A chemical cream is applied to the skin and left on for a set amount of time. The chemical dissolves the hair shaft. It is then scraped off, followed by a neutralizing ointment.
Pros: Hair does not grow back for a couple weeks. Process does not hurt. 
Cons: Not permanent. Chemical burns may occur if left on too long. May cause allergic reaction.

Hot Wax Methods
In this process, hot wax is applied to the skin. A strip of cloth is placed over the hot wax, pressing it into the wax. The cloth strip is then yanked sharply away from the skin, removing the hairs and wax simultaneously.
Pros: Hair does not grow back for a couple weeks. 
Cons: The process is painful. High risk of being burned. Not permanent. May cause rash in treated area.

Laser Hair Removal
Using light-based energy from the light spectrum, hair removal devices target the hair follicle in order to destroy the root.
Pros: Laser hair removal results last for long periods of time and may even become permanent with 3 - 6 repeated sessions. Can be done on all parts of the body. 
Cons: Treatment is expensive. It does not work well on anyone with combinations of pale skin tones and pale hair or dark skin tones and dark hair.

This process involves using a razor to slide across the skin, cutting hairs as it goes. Shaving creams make the process less difficult. The process can be performed with manual, battery operated, or electric razors.
Pros: Shaving is a fairly quick process. It can be done in the privacy of the home at any time. Options for purchasing razors allow a variety of pricing, from low cost to downright cheap. Can be used on all skin tones and hair colors. Can be done on all parts of the body. 
Cons: The process must repeated daily to maintain the appearance. Process can be very expensive and time consuming in the long run. Can be nicked or cut by the blades.

Using a pair of tweezers, hair is plucked from the skin.
Pros: Process is quick. Can be done in the privacy of the home. 
Cons: Quite a hassle, because it’s slow. Hence, will take a longer time.

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Honestly, I decided to list this down because I’m pretty much frustrated with my current option of hair removal. What I’ve decided to do is to consider all options available to me and perhaps opt for an option which will suit me better! I hope this simple post have given you an insight of what options of hair removal there is!
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