Eat : Spicy Seafood Feast at Fatt Kee Roast Fish!

As a Malaysian, I'm proud to say that I can take spicy food with a fairly good tolerance for them. Not only can I handle spicy food, I actually love them passionately too. If you love spicy food as much as I do, then you must have heard of Fatt Kee Roast Fish. Fatt Kee Roast Fish rose to fame last year when its concept of serving an array of seafood on a silver pan, with a spicy broth went viral on social media. Riding on the wave of the hype they have created, the couple which hails from China came up with another “viral” social media  concept of serving their seafood dish but this time, a jumbo sized version. It’s called the Jumbo Seafood Platter, which comes in several different sizes too and a whole lot of different type of seafood too!

Similar to their normal seafood silver platter, the soup base used is the same in the normal and the jumbo platter, in which the main ingredients are actually the mung bean sprouts or as in the Cantonese dialect, “tai tau ngah”  which basically translates to big head taugeh. If these were boiled in soups, you’ll find that it’ll be super sweet, delicious and absolutely appetizing! Another ingredient used is the preserved salted vegetables to give the soup, a hint of salty to the sweet soup. Bear in mind that, the sweetness of the soup is derived naturally from all the ingredients used.

So, you may ask, what actually makes this soup so spicy? It’s because of the addition of chillies mixture to the soup, giving you that fiery sensation which leaves the spicy loving fans, just craving for even more! There is a combination of chillies from different countries used which are from Malaysia, Brazil, Vietnam and China. Another tip from me while you feast on this is to beware of this tiny super spicy preserved chilli  which looks just like an innocent cherry tomato!

From all the pictures I have shared here, you can see that there is loads of different kind of seafood that you can find in the Jumbo Seafood Platter. Let me try to name all of them; fresh water prawns, tiger prawns, green mussels, scallops, clams, squids, flower crabs and also fish (this is an add-on option)! To add on the fish, you only need to pay an additional RM11, regardless of the size of your platter. The platter comes in three sizes which are Small (RM288), Medium (RM488) and Large (RM788). I would say that small can feed a group of perhaps 4-5 persons and large for a group of more than 10 persons definitely!

Being able to try the Jumbo Seafood Platter from Fatt Kee Roast Fish, is a tick off my bucket list especially since I’ve seen so many pictures of it being shared on Facebook. The experience certainly lived up to its hype and it was truly satisfying! Do drop by to Fatt Kee Roast Fish if you haven’t tried this before! I assure you, that you’ll enjoy this thoroughly, especially when you dine with your friends and family!

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No.25, Lrg Yap Hin Off, Jalan Pasar
016-916 3999

Note: There is an air-conditioned shop for a more comfortable seating, just across the street. It’s the same restaurant so don’t worry about its authenticity.

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