Eat : Raw Wholesome Desserts from Freaking Wholesome

I’d always live by the quote of, “Life is uncertain, eat desserts!” which I believe to be true. More often than that, life can get so complicated and sometimes, desserts can give you that comfort. Similar to most ladies, I struggle between indulging in desserts or watching my diet. No prizes here if you can guess which option I’d usually end up picking!

But what if I told you, you can have your desserts minus the guilt …. because it’s healthy and packed with nutrients! Gone are the days, where cupcakes and cakes are guilty pleasures. Introducing raw wholesome desserts from Freaking Wholesome! I’ve had the opportunity to try their snacks bars and mini cupcakes, which are their latest offerings.

| Cranberry Orange Bars |

| Cranberry Orange Bars |

The Cranberry Orange bar comes with a zesty orange layer with chunks of tangy, dried cranberries. The top is coated with a thin layer of delicious, chocolate! Then, it’s finished off with slices of dehydrated orange & more dried cranberries. This is perfect for the citrus fan out there, because it’s very rich in the orange flavour, unique and

| Sea Salted Caramel Bars |

The Sea Salted Caramel bar has a creamy caramel center with a touch of sea salt & the top is coated with a layer of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. I like that these desserts taste just nice, without any one ingredient overwhelming and masking the rest. In fact, I find them complementing one another… especially the combination of the caramel with the sea salt!

| Peanutty Nougat Bars |

The Peanutty Nougat (aka Snickers) bar comprises of 4 indulgent layers: chocolate base, sweet nougat, caramel peanut & chocolate top dashed with chunky peanuts. This is pretty much heaven for chocolate and nut lovers, or Snicker’s lover because its ingredients is pretty similar to that of a Snicker’s bar. Except this one is a lot healthier, and guilt-free too!

| Strawberry Beet |

This mini raw cupcake has a fresh strawberry chia jam filling, decked with blushing pink beetroot icing & adorned with a dainty piece of dehydrated beetroot flower. The base of grains and nuts made it a delicious affair, chewing on them and complemented by the jam filling!

| Triple Chocolate |

As the name says it all, this cupcake consists of a chocolate base, thick chocolate fudge center & creamy chocolate icing. An ideal treat for chocoholics for sure, especially with chocolatey centre! It was surprising easy to on taste buds, in the sense that it was rich but not overwhelming.

| Coco Pineapple |

With a nutty cashew base, the creamy coconut icing complements perfectly the slightly tart pineapple chia jam. Of all the cupcakes, I found this to be a nice surprise because I couldn’t identify what this flavour was. It was refreshing to have a cupcake in the flavour of my favourite fruit.

| Coffee Caramel |

There’s something for everyone, especially with this coffee flavoured cupcake! Coffee lovers will rejoice biting into this cupcake that comes with a coffee-infused base & icing plus a fudgy caramel center. The cupcake is finished off with a generous sprinkle of sweet cacao nibs to give the cupcake a satisfying crunch. 

What’s unique about these raw treats are that they are made from nuts, seeds, fruits, organic extra virgin coconut oil and are either sweetened with dates or organic rice malt syrup. These raw desserts are also unbaked which meant that the ingredients are not exposed to temperature higher than 48 degrees celcius so that the natural enzyme in food are retained. For instance, I found that instead of using cocoa powder that are processed, Freaking Wholesome uses organic raw cacao powder that is brimming with nutrients & antioxidant.

Generally, the ingredients used are usually unprocessed ingredients hence, nutritious vitamins, minerals & fibers that are good for your body are retained, making the cakes and cupcakes healthy than those we usually consume. Besides that, as the ingredients used are basically nuts, seeds, fruits, extra virgin coconut oil & naturally sweetened with dates & rice malt syrup, these raw desserts are suitable for vegans, vegetarians & people who are on gluten-free diet.

If you’re interested to try these cakes from Freaking Wholesome, you can place your order either via Whatsapp or call to 0176809926 or FB message at Ideally, it is best to place your order 3 days in advance, especially for whole cakes.


  1. OMG I want to try these so badly.. Especially the strawberry beet... I'm no health freak but these looks so tasty...

  2. That is actually my favourite too! Go give it a try babe :)