Eat : Little-known Japanese Restaurant in SS2, Petaling Jaya — SoloMen Cafe

The area of SS2, Petaling Jaya is known to be brimming with various different cuisines, offering countless choices of delicious food. During one of my food adventures, I’d stumbled upon SoloMen Cafe, a relatively undiscovered restaurant which serves yummy, heartwarming Japanese food. The menu is extensive which ranges from appetizer, wheat-based homemade ramen, donduri and ala-carte items (such as Unagi Kabayaki, Saba  & Salmon Shioyaki/Teriyaki, Shishamo Shioyaki, Aji / Kisu / Ebi Fry … just to name a few).

Gyoza | RM11.90

Tori Karaage | RM14.50

Hoikoro | RM16.90

Tonkatsu | RM20.90

I have a special fondness for dumplings, so the gyoza being the Japanese version of dumplings is definitely one of my favourite appetizers. I love how this Gyoza was pan-fried, first with oil and then, water till the Gyoza is nice and crispy. The skin is also of the right texture and thickness, making it such a joy to sink my teeth in it. The Tori Karaage on the hand, had a slightly thicker coating that what I liked but the chicken was tender and juicy. Yummy, nevertheless with further improvement, it will taste better!

Negi Miso Ramen | RM20.90

Kimchi Ramen | RM19.90

Tenshinmen | RM16.90

Tonkatsu Ramen | RM20.90

As you can see, there are actually quite a variety of ramen dishes which you can choose from. I’ve actually counted the number of ramen dishes available to order and there is a total of 15 different types which you can try and order. There is one with kimchi in it, giving you that Korean Japanese fusion mix of flavour. Tenshinmen — a fried omelette on top of your ramen in a shoyu soup base, if you loved omelette as much as I did! Both of these are highly recommended and personally, very unique ramen dishes one ought to try.

Of course then, there is also the classic favourites of Tonkatsu Ramen — springy wheat-based noodles in pork bone soup, topped with char siew, sour pickled vegetables and boiled egg. The sour pickled vegetables originates from the Chinese cuisine and in my opinion, gave me it unique twist to the classic Tonkatsu Ramen. I would say this is an acquired taste as it is definitely, not one for everyone.

Hokkaido Buta Don | RM22.90

Kimchi Chahan | RM17.90

Although not as extensive as the ramen choices available, there are also aplenty of rice dishes you can choose from. Chahan is the Japanese term for fried rice and in SoloMen Cafe,  there is the kimchi (Kimchi Chahan) option or the one with char siew, fish cake and egg (Chahan). With the addition of vegetables to your chahan, the dish is then known as Takana Chahan in SoloMen Cafe. 

 Hokkaido Buta Don | RM22.90

But the obvious winner for the rice dishes have to be the Hokkaido Buta Don where white rice is served with grilled pork of sweet sauce flavored. This dish originates from Obihiro, a town in Hokkaido. The layers of fat and the pork meat, gives it a juicy texture. The sauce also complemented the meat well, it was light yet still flavourful.

Tiramisu | RM11.90

A meal is not complete without desserts and I’m sure many will agree with me on this. Whilst I was half expecting to be served with Japanese desserts, my attention was caught by the different cakes on display. There were a few choices available and in the end I settled for two different flavour. One is the Cempedak Lover and the other being the classic favourite of Tiramisu. The Cempedak Lover was a surprise to me, especially since it’s my first time seeing a combination of the “smelly” cempedak fruit with chocolate in cake. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the cempedak fruit but I know some of doesn’t like the smell and the pungent taste.

Cempedak Lover | RM 13.90

Tiramisu | RM11.90

Cempedak Lover | RM 13.90

But, it was love at first bite! I absolutely loved how well, the cempedak flavour was so prominent in the cake. There are actually chunks of the cempedak fruit as well, and those bits are the best part of the cake. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that cake, if you love the fruit. Trust me, one slice wasn’t enough. In fact, thinking about it now has got me craving for inarguably the BEST CEMPEDAK CAKE in town. Try it, if you don’t believe me.
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Solomen Cafe
// 16, Jalan SS 2/24, Petaling Jaya, Selangor //
Open from 12pm-10pm on Tues-Thurs. Hours extended to 12am on Fri-Sun. Closed on Monday.
// 016-289-9079 //

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  1. This place is screaming with "Instagram-worthy" vibes...awww...too bad I can't try the food here..but nevertheless...since you enjoyed it...will surely recommend to other friends...

  2. I want more of the Hokkaido Buta Don :-)