Review : My Pet Shrimp, so tiny … it’s only 1cm long!

If  you’ve arrived at this post because the title intrigued you… I can assure you it’s not a click bait. It’s true that now I do actually have shrimps as my pet and yes, they are ridiculously tiny as well. Take a ruler and measure the length of a cm, if you cannot visualise. These shrimps of mine are actually called Aloha Shrimp and it’s known as the perfect pet ever. Why, you ask?

Because the Aloha Shrimp lives in a perfect self-sustaining ecosystem, which require no feeding or water change. How these shrimps survive is by utilising their resources without overpopulating or polluting their habitat. This is why you never have to feed them and there is virtually no maintenance required. The Aloha Shrimp feed promarily on mirco-algae matter and bacteria. In other words they are filter feeders and will often swim to the surface to feed on the water.

The bare minimum you need to do for the shrimps is to provide them with a source of indirect natural or artificial light to enjoy its delicate beauty for years to come. You can expect them to live for a minimum of eight lucky years. In fact, the oldest recorded Aloha Shrimp is 20 years old and going strong which makes these creatures have the longest life expenctancy when compared to other pet shrimp in the market.

After having them for a month plus, I must agree that it’s the easiest, most fuss-free pet which I have ever had. In all honesty, I actually never had any pet in my life at all because of many reasons. But the main reasons are the time, commitment and money involved in getting a pet. For most pets, you’ll need to care for them, feed them and play with them… on top of these, their food and care products will cost money. However with the Aloha Shrimp,  you can just place them anywhere, preferably at a place where you can sit and enjoy watching them swimming around.

I received my Aloha Shrimp in the Ahihi Habitat Small, which is the most basic habitat for the shrimp that can accomodate two shrimps. Inside each balanced habitat are active micro-organisms, algae and bacteria and of course, the two Aloha Shrimp. The Ahihi Habitat is part of the Ke Ola Collection, are customisable to your individual tastes! Thie Ahihi Habitat is the foundation of a great habitat, and you can add-on accessories to your personal preference and desires!  

There are quite a variety of accessories to decorate the habitat and provide your shrimps a playground for them, such as Ceramic Playground, Coral Stones, Japanese Lava Rock and Japanese Ryuoh Stones. What I noticed from observing my pet shrimps  is that they are highly active, incredibly social and love to gather in clusters.When provided rocks and corals, they love to frolic and play the day away with each other while savaging for food. They love places to hide and cooperate. Apparently, they also use these places when its time to mate.

The Ahihi Habitat Small is priced at RM99, which comes with hand blown glass habitat with cork top, color gravel, natural Black Sea fan coral, two Original Aloha Shrimp and 500ml Habitat Water. You can order them online from and these will be delivered to your home. As the shrimps are hardy, you need not worry and trust that they will reach safely, in one piece. However,  upon receiving your Aloha Shrimp, please do not be alarmed by their white appearance. When stressed or scared, the Aloha Shrimp tend to temporarily lose their vibrant red colour. You’ll need to give them a few days rest in their new Aloha Shrimp Habitat, trying not to pick up their home, and you'll see their colour gradually return.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that these Aloha Shrimp requires virtually no maintenance. But you can take additional steps to ensure that your Aloha Shrimp live a healthy and happy life for years to come just by topping up any evaporated water with Habitat Water whenever necessary, and by adding 1-3 drops of B-Water Complex Supplement or Z-Water Complex Supplement a week to maintain the preffered balanced ecosystem for your precious pets. These supplements are actually nutrient based water, which has a mix of healthy bacteria strains. It also keeps Aloha Shrimp happy and healthy by optimizing the balance of the habitat and providing them with tasty treat.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect pet … your search for one, just ended. You can get these cute, fuss-free and low maintenance pet of Aloha Shrimp. In fact, it makes an interesting story to share about your shrimp friends. For me, most of my friends asked if they are edible. After which I will begin to share my story about my pet shrimp! It’s definitely interesting to have them as a pet. :) But sometimes, they enjoy playing hide and seek, which gives me a mini heart attack then because I cannot locate them both especially since they are so incredibly tiny.

How do you start your Aloha Shrimp Life experience? By  getting your very own Aloha Shrimp from the shop itself here >>  If you're planning to get the Aloha Shrimp, there is never a better time than now because I have a special GIFT CODE for you! Use the code [ JOINTHEFAMILY ] as you check out! You'll be getting the supplement for your Aloha Shrimp.

For the care items and accessories, you can purchase them from If you’d like to stalk these shrimps and get more information, you can check out the Facebook page here and the Instagram page here


  1. comel! At first I seriously thought it was those seahorse that shaped like tree branches.. But then realised that you weren't joking with the shrimp emoji on fb... Hahaha.. Nevertheless they are so cute..

    1. Haha, yes! It really is a shrimp as a pet. I find them seriously super adorable and cute too.

  2. I've bben waiting for this review ever since I saw you thirst time posting your pet and ak us to guess what that was! I want this pet now!

    1. Yes, babe! You should totally consider this as a pet. It makes the lovely pet, so easy to care for.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, I really didn't expect it to look like this. :D

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