Out & About: Fashion for Love, a cause for the needy students

Growing up, I’ve had what would be considered as a privileged life, being able to study and complete my studies from primary, secondary and then tertiary education as well. But, there are many children & teenagers whom might not have that privilege, where it’s a struggle to obtain an education. These are the kind of things, that most of us take for granted and yet, we don’t realise just how fortunate we are. 

With this in mind, a community educational fund raising project with the theme “Fashion for Love” was organized by The Giving Bank together with Creight Event & Services and the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. The project’s slogan is simple and straight-forward ;  “Supporting Children to School”.

The project has a simple objective, which is to raise funds from the public community to serve and cater 300 multi racial children in need. They believe that everyone deserves an equal right to education. Going to school and seeking education is a very important element at every stage of growth. It gives the child hope and a chance to experience something that they’ve never experienced before, which then help them become useful members of the society. It’s important to be here together, to bring love and happiness to these children. These children deserve to know that many people out there are loving them.

Most of  these children are from a poor family background and their parents could not afford to send their kids to school. Because these kids are not being exposed to education, the chances of them learning and being able to feed themselves or being independent is relatively low. The cycle of poverty and the relation to being a less fortunate will never end and it will continue for generations to come. The only way to fight this is to give the children hope, giving them an equal chance of education exposure, grow up well and leading them to decent employment. With such, the scenario will change to a positive structure.

The team have been planning this “Fashion for Love” event since August 2017, and a Press Conference was held for the main highlight event of the Charity Fashion Show Gala Dinner in October 8th 2017 at HGH Convention Centre. For those fashion lovers who would like to attend the event, tickets are availabe at RM500 (VIP) and RM300 (Normal), which comes together with an 8-course dinner. Alternatively, you can also opt to donate to the cause  at the link. Any amount would be greatly appreciated!

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