Review : Mesmerizing Japanese Gel Manicure At Enchanted Siblings

If you think that mesmerizing is an odd word to describe my manicure experience at Enchanted Siblings, then you’ll need to read on to know why I said so. From the picture of the nails above, you can tell that their designs are unique and different than others. The designs here at Enchanted Siblings are inspired Japanese and Korean trends, with over 1,000 different designs which you can choose from. These designs are framed and displayed for the ease of the customers to make their selections.

I’ll be honest and say that I was overwhelmed by the myriad, different designs available for me to pick from. It wasn’t just the colour/shade that I needed to decide on because I could pick opt for either a plain nail base, an ombre one, a cosmic inspired or any others you fancy (they have marble too)! The most exciting part came after that, when you can also pick charms for your nails.

Before my visit to Enchanted Siblings, the only charms I know is the ones from Thomas Sabo or Pandora to be worn together with their bracelet. So, what are the charms for nails? They are actually these tiny adorable accesories placed on your nails; there are many different options like dreamcatcher, seahorse, shells, stars, ribbons, hearts and etc. Really, there are too many to list them down here. There are also option to add quartz stones to your nails as well and I was informed that these stones are shaped according to the curve in our nails, allowing it to stay in place.

At that point, I was pretty much overwhelmed by the possibility of different combinations of nail designs that I had. It feels like I’m at a buffet and I just want to have everything! But with only 10 fingers, of course I had to decide on a design which I like, with a theme. This is when Munny, the Nail Art Director based in the Sri Petaling branch came to help me with my selection. Munny is also one of the founder  of En-CHAN-ted Siblings, together with her sisters Celeste and Ylinn, along with their youngest adorable brother, KW Chan. Together they are the Chan siblings and hence, their beauty nail parlour is given the name of En-CHAN-ted Siblings. Very creative indeed with usage of words there.

After a brief consultation session where Munny suggested a couple of combination of designs based on my preference of colour choices and charms, we started with the gel manicure. I’m amazed with the emphasis placed on hygiene here, as hand sanitizer is provided first before the gel manicure begins. As with any gel manicure, there are the basic steps of trimming and filing of the nails, pushing and then buffing the cuticles, followed by the cleansing of the nails.

What differentiate a gel manicure from a normal one is the application of a layer that bonds the gel polishes to your nail, ensuring that it lasts longer and maintained chip-free! After that, the gel nail polishes are applied on to the nails and for every layer applied, the nails are placed into the UV lamp to cure or in simpler words, to dry them thoroughly before applying the next layer. Because of this technique used, there are pretty much no down time after the manicure that you’ll need to be careful not to spoil your manicure.

The design I chose in the end, is a Japanese themed one which was designed in 2016 and was one of their best sellers, known as Path to the Past. It’s a cosmic galaxy themed based which is created with the blending technique. It was captivating to be able to witness the design forming right before my eyes. It started out with a white base polish and as the colours are being added, layer by layer, it was unbelievable to see the final results!

After the cosmic galaxy base is done, it was time to accessorize my pretty nails with charms! I’ve always been a fan of dreamcatcher so I picked that and the other one was a cross. There are actually more charms on it, but I’ll show it to you in pictures instead. Besides these that I have picked, there are actually many other option available.

To get an idea of what other charms there is, feel free to stalk Enchanted Siblings on their Instagram page here >>> Every month, there will be a new set of nail designs released which follows the theme of the month. So do keep a lookout for that!

Next up, it was time to bling up the nails with genuine SWAROVSKI crystals! Enchanted Siblings is certified by SWAROVSKI themselves, hence rest assured that only genuine crystals are used for your nails. These SWAROVSKI crystals have a  brilliant shine that is far superior to the shine of any other crystals. At the time of this post, a week have passed and the crystals on my nails are still as shiny as ever.

For my nails, Munny did a full tip nail adorned with SWAROVSKI with crystals of different sizes and colour on my ring finger, as an accent nail. My other nails also has SWAROVSKI crystals but with a different arrangement. The final effect was a very sparkly accent  nail on my ring finger, with complimenting arrangement of the crystals on other nails. :)

The last step is to finish off the manicure with the gel top coat, which holds everything in place! This will ensure your nails won’t get chipped and the crystals stay on your nails. During the consultation with Munny earlier, I did have my concerns of the crystal coming off, but she assured me that it takes a lot of effort for them to fall out. True enough, it’s been a week plus since I did my nails and all the crystals are intact. I must also add that I’m thoroughly impressed that I didn’t experience a single chipping on my nails at all!

This is despite the fact that I did house chores, went to gym (with heavy weights lifting too) and even helped my dad shifted items around the garden as our house is undergoing construction! My last experience with gel manicure was horrendous, my nails chipped after a couple days and kept chipping on. In contrary I’m so in love with my nails done at Enchanted Siblings, which stays intact! Everyday I’m admiring my nails and no, I’m not even bored of staring into them sparkly  nails!

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If you’re interested to have a mesmerizing manicure experience as I did, Enchanted Siblings have two different branch that you can check out the pastel home themed  one in Sri Petaling known as Erelise while the one in Publika called Lunaria Palace which is the pink heaven palace themed. The branch I visited was Erelise in Sri Petaling. Let me share with you some pictures of the beauty parlour, so that you can get a feel of what it looks like. :)

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Here are the contact numbers and addresses of both the Sri Petaling and Publika branch. It’s definitely recommended to call in to make a booking to avoid disappointment. :) I hope you’ll enjoy your experience as much as I did.

Erelise  - Sri Petaling Branch

// 11, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia //
Open daily from 11am to 8pm
// 012-668 8717 //

Lunaria Palace  - Publika Branch
// Block A1- G2-08 , Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia //
Open daily from 11am to 8pm
// 013 668 6688 //

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