Review : Royal Bride Spa Package at OSTA Salon & Spa, Publika

Days leading to the big event, the wedding itself are one of the most stressful times that any bride will vouch to that. With that thought, came an inspiration to design a Royal Bride Spa Package by the ladies at OSTA Salon & Spa, Publika. The Royal Bride Spa Package is a 2 hours long package which consists of 60 minutes body baume massage and 20 minutes body bamboo scrub , both of which uses products from the Arise Swiss Alpine Cosmetic. This is then followed by a 20 minutes sauna with rose essential oil and 20 minutes floral milk bath with coconut milk. By reading the description, I could already visualize how amazingly pampered I would feel through out the experience.

| Double boiled Body Baume |

| Bamboo Scrub |

True to that, it was the best 2 hours I ever had in the longest time! My masseuse , Fieza is a petite, skilled lady whose skills are in the traditional Malay massage type. Combined with the body baume from Arise Swiss Alpine Cosmetic,  all the tensions from my body was relieved and it felt so relaxing! The body baume feels rich, yet it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on your body. Body baume is double boiled to be liquidated before applying onto the skin for the massage session.This is followed by the body bamboo scrub which has bamboo beads that works to eliminate dead skin leaving skin soft and supple.

These two products are from the brand Arise Swiss Alpine Cosmetic, a skincare brand from Switzerland with Ecocert and Cosmebio certification. Organic Edelweiss flower is the main ingredient of this brand, a herb which is known for its anti-aging properties.

After the massage and the scrub, it’s followed by the sauna treatment, in which the heat from the sauna treatment helps to stimulate blood flow and the essential oil will help in clearing the sinuses and relieves congestion. 

Then, this is followed by the floral milk bath, filled with beautiful rose petals that helps to make skin radiant along with an additional ingredient; coconut milk that nourishes the skin with richness of nutrients that the skin need to stay healthy. Ending the pampering session with a floral milk bath, is the perfect way indeed. The rose petals in the tub can be used to scrub the body too!

The whole experience left me feeling ultra pampered and luxurious, which makes me wish for a next session already even before it ended. The Royal Bride Spa Package gives the body a total anti aging massage and enhance microcirculation to nourish and improve moisture retention of the skin.  Hence, it’s definitely highly recommended, especially if you’re looking for a package which combines both masssage and scrub, as well as the sauna and the bath too!

After the treatment, T2 tea and Royce chocolate is served to end the session on a sweet note! There is also a complimentary hair blow drying after the shower which you can utilise to dry your hair. Very thoughful indeed, to include that option. :) The Royal Bride Spa Package is priced at RM368, but in the whole month of October, there is a 20% discount! The price after the discount is RM294.40

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Allow me to share some information about OSTA Salon & Spa, which is unique and different than other spa places because they are a FEMALE only spa which caters only to FEMALE clients. The concept behind this was to cater specifically to female clients as they believe women deserve exclusivity in every aspect in life. Women nowadays are much sensitive with their surroundings, who know what's best for them. Hence, ladies can let loose and relax yourself at this little sanctuary without worrying about bumping into men, after you’ve finished your session.

| The Garden Room |

| Traditional Malay |

English Facial |

The OSTA Salon & Spa has four different concept rooms with different themes in each of them. There is the Garden Room, Moroccan room, Traditional Malay room and the English Facial room. The latter rooms of Traditional Malay and English Facial, each have two beds in them which allows them to accomodate friends who came in pairs. :) 

Moroccan Room |

Besides that, all the rooms have bath tubs in them but only the Garden Room has the sauna in it. You can actually pick which rooms you’d like it to be in but for the Royal Bride Spa Package,  it’s recommended to go to the Garden Room. For ladies, who plan to have a pampering session here, there is also an option to have a spa party for a maximum number of 5 pax with treatments, food & drinks and decorations provided.

Besides that, it is also worth noting that OSTA Salon & Spa is proud to support female and entrepreneur empowerment. The core belief stems from the fact that support comes from family members and they want their clients to feel like they are at home able to share their ideas with family members. They welcome women out there to share their knowledge, thoughts and ideas with them. Every bi-weekly, a small talk for a small group of 10 guests will he held at the OSTA Salon & Spa to share their knowledge and ideas. Guests will get to know each other and that's how word spread; via recommendation. Here is the link to attend their next event on November 11, a session called Personality Enhancement & Building Your Own Brand <<<< click here to find out more!

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// Publika, A1-UG1-09, Solaris Dutamas, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia //
Open from Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 8PM
// 03-6207 9006 //

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