Beauty : A:Concept’s Make Your Concept Black Set - Christmas Edition

It’s that time of the year again, the festive Christmas season where we will welcome an abundance of good food and presents to end the year with a blast! It is also my favourite time of the year because beauty brands usually release special edition make up sets which usually consist of limited edition items or items bundled together and sold at a special price!

As it happens, I have the chance to review A:Concept "Make Your Concept Black Set" their Christmas edition which contains All-In-One Brightening A:Cushion Compact, a refill of the Cushion Compact, a lip and cheek stick and a lipstick. If you’re new to this brand, you should know that this product is used by by Girl's Generation's Taeyeon and their make-up artist Seo Ok. It’s called all-in-one because the compact has multiple features such as whitening, anti-wrinkle, UV protection and on top of which, the compact can keep your lipstick / concealer / cheek pen in it too. Read on more and I’ll show it to you.

Before I received this product, I read a couple of reviews online and I stumbled upon one blogger which mentioned that the coverage for this product is minimal even after three layers. With that in mind, I put it to test by applying the product. My initial thought is that it is a bit tricky to get the product on the air puff (the applicator). First I tried by pressing the air puff on the cushion, but I’ve only managed to get some of the product on. What I learnt after a couple times of usage is that you’ll actually need to press the air puff repeatedly until you feel that there is enough product for you to apply on. There after, I would repeat these steps a couple times more to get the coverage I wanted.

Let me share more about the design of the compact next. Its design is pretty similar to most cushion compact we have seen in the market. It houses the cushion which is soaked with the product, coupled with a dedicated compartment to keep the puff in place. The most unique and interesting part of this compact is that you can slot in your lipstick or cheek blusher or concealer to carry it on the go. This itself makes it very handy and convenient to touch up make up on the go!

Next is the lip & check stick which is a product that can be used for your cheeks as blusher or your lips, just like a lipstick! It’s aptly named as Everything in A Lip&Cheek. The shade I received is the Coral shade which is perfect for most skin type as the shade replicates that of a natural blush. It was easy to apply, although I must admit I didn’t really know how I should apply it. 

I ended up dotting my cheeks with the product (I’ll show you in the pictures) and using my fingers to then blend the colour. It definitely was easy to blend and the end result was a very natural and subtle blush!

The A:Lipstick I received was in the shade of RED ORANGE. As the name suggests it’s red in colour but with hint of orange. It appears more as an orangey undertone, which I’m personally not a fan of. Unlike your usual lipstick, this one came rounded in shape which I found to be trickier to apply. It’s managable still but you’ll need to be careful as you go on around the edges. The lipstick finish is matte, which is pretty much the trend now. The staying power of the lipstick is pretty decent, if you watch how you eat … you probably will be able to get to last a couple of hours. 

But reapplication is easy with the A:Cushion Compact because there is a dedicated compartment for you to slot the lipstick in, making it super handy to carry the lipstick around. You can also choose to bring the Everything in A Lip&Cheek instead as well. 

What I loved about these sticks are that they come with a mechanism which prevent you from accidentally twisting your lipstick by accident and ended up ruining it. To put it simply, after using the sticks, rotate until you hear a ‘click’ ! That’s the safety lock in place, because the product won’t be able to budge without firstly unlocking it. It’s very neat feature, because I lost count of how many lipsticks I have ruined.

Overall, I really loved how I can achieve a simple make up with just these products; the cushion compact, lip cheek and lipstick. If you don’t believe me, the pictures shown in this post are the results of using those three products! Of course, for the finishing touch, I dusted my face with Althea's Petal Velvet Powder to keep my face matte and looking fresh. Would you believe that I actually managed to finish my make-up using all the products above in just under 7 minutes?!

So, that’s why this "Make Your Concept Black Set" from A:Concept  is perfect for ladies who are minimal in their make-up and one, who always have that flawless face because the compact is so light and easy to carry around! I’ve been bringing them everywhere I go and pretty much loving the convenience I get. The set can be purchased from Althea for only RM106, here’s the link >> <<< ! With Christmas just around the corner, you better hurry on and grab it before it is sold out!

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