Beauty: Pout perfect and Eyeliner on fleek with Lip & Co's products!

“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world!”

This is truly what my mom believed in — that lipstick is the most essential make up product that every woman should have. This is why she’d always gave me a little nag whenever I walked out the house bare face. But it’s true and I do agree that lipsticks are essential to women. I also believe that we can never have too many lipsticks … this I’m sure many ladies would agree with me on. So, what is your choice of lipstick?  

I’ve recently stumbled upon a new brand called Lip & Co, a vegan friendly and cruelty free beauty company which specializes on lip products! Their signature product is the Velvet Pout, semi-matte lipstick. As the name suggests, the lipstick  has a semi-matte finish and feels lightweight when applied. Did I also mentioned that this was a local Malaysian brand?

My first impression of the shade #10 Emancipation was that it was very rich in colour. I was afraid it’ll end up too overwhelming so what I did was to apply a thin layer first and then slowly build it from a sheer to an intensely pigmented, velvety finish. 

I love how the formulation glides effortlessly on my lips, making it super uber easy to apply it. It definitely feels very moisturising and nourishing for the lips, especially with the infusion of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. The product is light on the lips too, more often that not … you tend to forget you’re wearing lipstick! 

| Wearing #10 Emancipation  on my lips |

In terms of lasting power, I made it through one meal after eating very carefully. The lasting power of the lipstick can definitely be improved but seeing how lightweight it is, you can also reapply the lipstick whenever necessary.

The other shade that I received was the #05 Nearly Nude, which was a gorgeous peachy tone. Like the name suggests, it is almost nude but not quite. It’s closer to the nude spectrum of colours. This shade was something much less dramatic compared to #10 Emancipation. This was something you’d probably would end up wearing pretty often, the everyday shade I’d call it.

| Wearing #05 Nearly Nude on my lips and used #10 Emancipation as my blusher |

Compared to #10 Emancipation, I found that #05 Nearly Nude has a different formulation with a more creamy texture. As a result, the finish is more of a satin one vs my preferred matte finish. The colour transfer of this lipstick was more significant too but still minimal. Overall, this was a lipstick I would wear for my everyday look especially since the shade is very corporate and professional friendly too.

If I had to name an essential make up product, I would have to say .... eyeliner. This the one product I absolutely can't live without and that's why I'm always on the lookout for eyeliners. Other than lip products, Lip&Co always has other products like their newly launched 'Just Wing It' eyeliner and I managed to give it a try!

This eyeliner has a felt tip marker which at first look may seem a bit chunky but is actually pretty manageable to shape the winged eyes look. The tip will need some practice before you're get used to it. However, once you're used to it.. drawing the winged tips will be easy.

There are a few considerations that I have on what a good eyeliner is ; the pigmentation, staying power and how easy is it to remove it. This eyeliner has a slight darker pigmentation than most of the drugstore bought eyeliners. I was able to adjust the thickness of the line I was aiming to achieve and draw the tip of the wing too.

As for the staying power, it lasted through the whole day but noticeably it also faded out a little bit. This eyeliner scored best in terms of the ease of removal for me. Just a light swipe of make-up remover was sufficient to remove it.

* * * * * * * * * *

If you're hoping to get your hands on it, you can always hop on over to their website at to purchase the lipsticks and the eyeliner too. There are currently special editions beauty sets which have been specially curated just for the festive season! The prices are also cheaper than the usual pricing, so it has never been a more suitable time than now ..... to shop!

For latest updates, you can always follow Lip&Co on various social media such as on Instagram and on Facebook. 

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