Beauty : The Best Christmas Gifts from belif, believe again!

Christmas is one of my favourite seasons of the year and there's no prize in guessing why. It's such a festive season that even if you feel 'meh' about it in the beginning, you'll be influenced by all the magical vibe. Christmas is known as the season of givings, which makes it all so exciting because you get to receive and give gifts to your loved ones to show your appreciation. For the beauty junkies, this also means that there will be festive Christmas sets sold at very  from our favorite brands.

This Christmas, I’ve received the best Christmas gift set from belif, a beauty brand which I have heard before but never tried. It’s also a brand which I believe is truly under-rated and more ladies out there need to know about the amazing products that this brand has to offer. On their site, it is stated that belif is the most truthful and sincere cosmetic brand we will ever come across. The brand belif embodies these three concepts ; real, simple and sincere.

Real  - Minimizing unnecessary packaging and advertisements to focus on their true herbs’ ingredients
Simple – Eliminate harmful synthetic substances and uses only natural ingredients
Sincere – Labels ingredients used just as they are without exaggerating its efficacy.

This brand’s concept and their tagline of “believe in truth” intrigued me to read more about the origin of the brand. belif  developed the “True Herb Formula” which uses only the carefully selected finest herbs and the Napier’s traditional herb processing method. Napier’s method of herb processing dates back to 150 years ago with its founder philosohpy’s that the best raw materials creates the most honest efficient products. And this continues on with belif, whose products only uses pure herbal formula ; no synthetic preservatives, dyes, fragrances, mineral oil and animal origin properties.

What I first noticed was the simple packaging of both the boxes of the product and also the products itself. It’s straightforward and contains the information necessary — the name of the product and the key ingredients used in the products (by showing it in %).

In the Christmas set, I’ve received the Cleasing Oil Fresh, Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh, Aqua Gel Oil and the Tinted Moisturizer Powdery BB. For the past few weeks I have tried and used each of these products in my beauty regime. After having tested it for weeks now, I can provide you my feedback and review of them all. In summary first, I am gladly admitting that I have fallen in love with the products. Read on more below to find out why!

Cleasing Oil Fresh (150ml) | RM140

Cleasing Oil Fresh (150ml) | RM140

Starting off with the Cleasing Oil Fresh, as the name suggests it is a cleansing oil with a light finish that can removes make up and cleanses the face. In addition to that, the product stated that it also removes blackheads. When I read that I was tad skeptical because I know how difficult it was to remove blackheads. That was something I’ve struggled with for my face— I’ve had to use pore strips and those black peel off mask to try to solve the problem but to no avail. :( In fact, when I first started using belif products, my face condition have worsen after my race in Viper Cyberjaya. I had pimples and blackheads on my nose and the side of my cheeks, they were so prominent that I could feel the bumps of them all.

After about a week’s of usage… lo and behold, I’ve noticed that my complexion have improved and the blackheads have reduced! There was no longer any bumps when I touch those areas and no tiny blackheads too. The result from using the Cleasing Oil Fresh is truly astounding because when it said that it eliminates blackheads …. it really does! It also contains the key ingredients of soapberry and sweet flag, which helps to prevent future breakouts. Now, this is also true because ever since I’ve switched to the Cleasing Oil Fresh,  I’ve had very little breakouts and most times the red spots were gone after a day.

It’s super easy to use it ; pump once or twice in your palm and gently massage onto dry face, wiping away make-up. You'll need to concentrate on blackhead areas with special care by massaging more there, then rinse with lukewarm water. As it’s a cleansing oil, the texture is oily but at the same time, it’s light. Also, it smells so so so so good! I love applying it to cleanse my face. As a make up remover, it does a great job as well. My make up, even the stay-on eyeliner was removed with ease. The best part of it was how light the oil actually feels when applied on the face.

All these while I have only used water based make-up remover for fear that the oil based ones would be too thick and heavy on my skin. I was also afraid that it will clog up my pores. But this Cleasing Oil Fresh from belif proof to be different indeed! I now swear by this and have been recommending it to my friends and family.

Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh (125ml) | RM160

Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh (125ml) | RM160

Next, it’s the Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh which is a mineral oil- free moisturizer formulated for oily skin. This product leaves a light finish after application, without any excess shine. This of course is crucial for those with oily skin, as you will want to minimize the oil on your face. 

I have an oily T-zone, so I’d always pick moisturizer which are less heavy and easily absorbed. I found that this product from belif excels in doing just that. The formulation of the product has a gel-like consistency, making it effortless to apply it thoroughly on your face. You’ll need about two to three pumps to sufficiently cover your face.

This product is formulated with Rosehip extracts, rich in vitamins and tannins along with oil controlling powder. The oil controlling powder was a unique ingredient which I find to be a key component that proved to be extremely useful in keeping my oily face less oily through the day. There was noticably less shine and oil on my face after applying this product. In occasion where I spend the whole day indoors, my face was matte through the day. However, when I’m out and about I noticed there was some shine, but definitely lesser compared to when I wasn’t using this product. It also tightens pores that are enlarged  due to excess sebum and improves suppleness, leaving the skin clean and smooth.

Aqua Gel Oil (50ml) | RM 205

The next product is one from the Special Category  where it has specific purposes to supplement the additional needs that some of our skin may have. This is the Aqua Gel Oil which is a moisture concentrated refreshing gel that turns into a light moisture oil upon application. It aims to deliver soft and moist hydration through the hours. Seeing as I was using the Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh during the day, I decided to include this in my night regime.

What I did was to apply it before I sleep and wake up with a moisturised face! I use this in replacement of my sleeping mask. Alternatively, the product description suggested to use this as the last step in skin care, right before the application of make up. The texture for this Aqua Gel Oil was similar to that of the Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh where it both has the gel-like consistency. Even though it is stated that the gel turns to light moisture oil, I couldn’t really tell it was oil after that. It is probably because the product is so light and also easily absorbed.

Tinted Moisturizer Powdery BB (30ml) | RM99

Tinted Moisturizer Powdery BB (30ml) | RM99

The last product is a make-up product which most ladies would find handy is the Tinted Moisturizer Powdery BB. It’s a dual purpose beauty product, combining the features of a moisturizer and a BB cream. This powdery BB cream creates a clear, translucent, and natural skin tone when applied. In terms of coverage, it has minimal coverage so for those who’d prefer more, you can just layer it on. This is what I did to because one layer wouldn’t be sufficient. Even though, I applied a few layers more, it still felt lightweight on my skin.

| After applying and blending the Tinted Moisturizer Powdery BB |

Of course, the product is designed to have a subtle tint so even with a single layer, it was pretty noticable. This BB cream contains Canna from the Caribbean, which has a natural ability to control excess sebum, hence the cream helps leave the skin smooth and refreshed all day long. I really love how handy this was and it was definitely very easy to blend, spread across my face!

| Before picture after cleansing with Cleasing Oil Fresh and then followed by Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh |

| After application of Tinted Moisturizer Powdery BB, single layer |

* * * * * * * * * *

| This is the final look using Tinted Moisturizer Powdery BB, Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh and Cleasing Oil Fresh |

Aaaaand that is all my review on the impressive products that I have tried from belif. When I first received the gift set, I didn’t have any expectations on how the products would be like. But after trying them on and seeing actual results, I’m sold. Even though these were sent to me for a review, my thoughts here are honest. So you can take my words for it.

The Cleasing Oil Fresh worked the best for me, so I’d highly recommend to try that if you’re suffering from blackhead especially. I am going to get my brother to try it too, seeing how his blackheads are way more serious than mine is. I’m hoping to put up a comparison of before and after. Do look out for that!

* * * * * * * * * *

If you’re interested to give belif a try, you can find them at various belif stores around Malaysia.

// belif Sunway Pyramid | Lot G1.82 | (03) 56136226 //
// belif IOI City Mall | Lot G-73A | (03) 89407388 //
// belif Queensbay Mall | Lot GF-20 | (04)-6447966 //
// belif Mid Valley Megamall | G001A  | (03) 22010645 / (03) 22010915 //
// belif KLCC | Lot C11-A | (03)-2163 2163

Learn more about belif here on their interactive website!

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This review was made possible thanks to the beauty community I’m in, known as The Butterfly Project. If you are a beauty blogger, do join us as there are plenty of projects organised and you can be apart of an amazing community. Thanks Mamasan Tammy for this opportunity to collaborate with this brand too!

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