Review : Towards a healthier lifestyle with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water!

There is no denying that water is important in our lives, it is after all one of the source of life. That without clean water, we wouldn’t be able to survive and live. But more often than not, we take clean water for granted. Do you know how clean your water is? Unfortunately, water straight from the pipes here in Malaysia is undrinkable … at least not where I lived. My dad once turned off the water filter, and I was shocked to realise that the water is actually yellow in colour.

That just goes to show how important it is to have a water filter installed at home, to have a peace of mind knowing that the water you have is clean and safe for consumption. Over the last few months, I have had the opportunity to try the Diamond Coral Water Filter, which filters water and changes the pH level to be more alkaline. Health scientists found that most of the common health problems are resulted from the acidic nature of the water and food we consumed. On the contrary, alkaline water provides our body the minerals that our body needs and that also helps to even out the acidic impact that is imbued in our bodies as a result of the food and drinks we consumed.

I could definitely go on and on about the nutritional value of consuming alkaline water to our bodies from a health perspective but today I’ve decided to share on a topic lesser known of the other various benefits of alkaline water. You’ll be surprised at the endless possibilities of the alkaline water. Let me share my favourite one, where using alkaline water for fresh flowers …. actually prolongs their lifespan. This is true as I’m a fan of fresh flowers and from my experience, they don’t usually last that long. However, after I used DIAMOND Coral Alkaline Water, the flowers didn’t wither that easily and it lasted for about slightly more than a week. In addition to that, I kept my flowers fresh by spraying or sprinkling the DIAMOND Coral Alkaline Water over it to keep it cool during the day.

Similarly, I used DIAMOND Coral Alkaline Water to water my plants and noticed that it actually improved the condition of my dying plant. I have a Devil’s Ivy or it’s more famously known as a Money Plant which I keep indoors but rarely have time to care for. After watering the plant for a couple of weeks with the water, I started noticing that the leaves were turning green again, from their initial yellow dehydrated state. Part of me was left skeptical by this marvel so I took it to Google to satiate my curiousity. True enough, there are articles online which supports this as well, where it stated that using water helps with the growth of the plants as it would help to balance the pH level of the soil depending on, of course the acidity of the soil. But as you can see my Money Plant doesn’t have any soil, hence the quality of the water would really impact the health of the plant.

The other amazing feature of the DIAMOND Coral Alkaline Water is how it manages to remove the fishy and raw smell of seafood or chicken meat, when you cleaned them. I found this extra useful because I’d hate that my fingers smells funky whenever I had to wash and prepare them to cook. But it definitely baffles me as to how it actually works. That to me is a mystery still but I can tell you that the water does remove that unpleasant smell from my fingers.

For an enhanced Diamond Coral Alkaline Water experience, I had the opportunity to also try the DIAMOND Coral WaterBar which its key feature is the ability to dispense warm water in just 3 seconds. Imagine this …. before I can finish my previous sentence, you would already be able to have warm water in your glass ready to be consumed. The temperature of the warm water dispensed by this WaterBar, is at the temperature of 50 degrees Celcius which is ideal for drinking.

Before this, I never realised just how convenient it was to have this option of warm water on demand. With this machine, I didn’t need to purposely boil water just to get warm water. All I needed to do was to press a button! Of course, you’ll need to fill the machine with water for it to dispense out the water. But aside from that, it is extremely convenient and hassle-free. I would definitely recommend this to families, especially those with younger children to start them young to have a habit of drinking warm water instead of cold water.

If you’re interested in the DIAMOND Coral WaterBar, there is a 7 Days Free Trial catered specially for new parents as this waterbar  has the perfect temperature to make the babies’ milk formula. For more information, click here! Alternatively, if you’re interested instead in Diamond Coral Alkaline Water you can try their 60-Days Free Trial Program here >>

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