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I’m certain that everyone would have heard of a quote that went like this, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” For the ladies, I believe we have a different mantra goes like this instead; “A mask a day, keeps the skin hydrated and smooth.” I know this to be true because this routine of a mask daily have been echoes and supported by ladies worldwide, especially by make-up artists and beauty bloggers alike. I remember coming across a video by a fmaous make-up artist on how she achieves the glass-like skin. Guess what her secret is, a mask daily!

That is why I’m all for trying out any new masks in the market, despite having a growing stash of masks which are just waiting to be used. I know I’m guilty for that but I’m probably not alone in this, right ladies? :p 

And now, my pile have grown slightly bigger and this is all thanks to The Butterfly Project. I had the opportunity to try premium mask sheets from  ID.AZ which a brand which actually is under the ID Health Care, a medical institution that specialises in the study of face shape and contours. 

The institution realised that many patients were dissatisfied with their skin conditions and this is when, they formed ID Pla Cosmetics to help their customers to enhance their skin without surgery.  The AZ actually means that the products of ID Pla Cosmetics is the accumulation of the know-hows from A to Z, with over 18 years of experience.

Dermastic Premium Mask Sheets

Dermastic is a combination of derma and  cosmetic. The meaning of cosmestic is easily understood and needs no further explanation. Derma on the other hand simply stands for dermis  which is the layer of living tissue below the epidermis. Hence, ID Pla Cosmetics aims to produce cosmetics beauty products which are suitable for sensitive skins, contains safe ingredients and will produce results. With all this talk about the masks, I’m sure you are curious about it, so read on more below!

ID.AZ Dermastic Water-Fit Mask

ID.AZ Dermastic Water-Fit Mask | RM12.90

One of the key ingredient of the Dermastic Water-Fit Mask is the marine water collagen which contains deep sea water, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid. The mask is very moisturising and perfect to soothing skins under stress, as it has a calming effect. 

The mask type is a skin fit thin mask, which perfectly sticks to the skin and face shape. When worn, it felt like I had a second skin which was almost unnoticable. Because of how thin they mask is, there is a net film to keep it place.

It smells good, probably a mix of floral and the best thing is that it wasn’t pungent. After putting on the mask, I noticed that there were plenty of serum leftover in the packaging. What I like to do with excess serum is actually to pat them on my neck too! When it was time to remove the mask, I noticed that my mask was not dry and wrinkly like some brands I’ve tried before. The worn mask was still moist and certainly lived up to the its purpose to hydrate.  

This mask makes it perfect for those whose skin are always thirsty for moisture and similarly to those who wants moist and lustrous skin. If you have used many moisturiser but none of the products worked, this mask is for you too! Give it a try yourself and you’ll know how amazing it is!

ID.AZ Dermastic Bright-Fit Mask

ID.AZ Dermastic Bright-Fit Mask | RM12.90

I tried this product last, after trying the ID.AZ Dermastic Water-Fit and ID.AZ Dermastic Bright-Fit Mask. Of the three masks, I was most impressed by this. Brightening of the skin via masks was new to me and I didn’t know what to expect. As I opened the packaging, I noticed that milky essence coated the mask generously.

This mask is made from microfiber, which is thicker than the mask in ID.AZ Dermastic Water-Fit. Despite the slight thickness in the  mask sheet, you cannot actually tell how heavy it was. 

The mask fits my face perfectly except for my eyes area which was slightly out of proportion. After using the mask, I was suprised to see that my face was glowing and indeed was brighter than before using the mask.

The brightening effect is powerful with this mask  and my skin looks refreshed immediately after taking off the mask. I’m still amazed at the immediate results and I believe if used a couple times, you can achieve baby smooth, bright skin again. This mask is amazing for those who want to brighten their skin tone to a fairer shade, those whose complexion is always dark and spotted and also for those who look sick and is always pale!

ID.AZ Dermastic Golden-Fit Mask

ID.AZ Dermastic Golden-Fit Mask | RM19.90

Of all the masks by ID Pla Cosmetics, the best seller and most famous mask to date is the ID.AZ Dermastic Golden-Fit Mask. There is no surprises as to why it is so popular. I found out about the reason once I opened the mask sheet package. Inside it, was a thick, golden plump mask. I have never seen a mask with gold flecks in it so, needless to say I was pretty amused!

Wearing the mask felt extremely luxurious and one of the purpose behind this was to recreate the aesthetic clinic kind of treatment but done at the comfort of your own home. I would say that they have successfully achieved that. The mask was a sticky two piece elastic hydrogel —one of the upper face and another for the lower. 

The gel mask are kept in place by a transparent film, to ensure shape of the masks are maintained. When applied on the face, the hydrogel mask stayed put on the face and albeit it being heavier than usual mask, it is supposed to lift sagging skin. How that happens is probably through the mask, although it wasn’t so noticable for it.

What I noticed more was that my skin after the application of the mask was more supple and looks rejuvenated. This was because the gold ingredient used functions to purify and brighten skin. The honey, royal jelly and propolis turns the skin elastic and healthy! With such rich, nutrient packed mask… no wonder my skin felt so good after that. The only complaint that I had on this was that the smell was slightly overpowering for me. But I had asked my mom and sister on their opinion of the smell, they actually said it smelt good. So it’s really just me.


All the three masks I have reviewed —  Water-Fit Mask, Bright-Fit Mask and Golden-Fit Mask have exceeded my expectations on what these masks are capable of doing. It’s not often that you find masks which can produce instanteous results after application. Of course, having said that, the results would differ from one person to another because of our skin conditions. The only way you can find out how amazing these masks are is to actually try them out yourself.

The price point is indeed higher than most masks but as I’ve indicated from the start, this is a premium mask sheet range. After using them, I can testify that the experience really does differ from using normal masks. You can get these masks from the nearest Watson’s stores located nearby! There should be an on-going promotion where you can get the second piece was just RM1. I would love to hear your thoughts if you’ve tried it too! For more information on ID.AZ and ID Pla Cosmetics and you can head over here >>

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