Eat : Japanese Fine Dining at its best in Ishin, Old Klang Road

Nestled in a corner of a two-storey building along the busy stretch of Old Klang Road is Trip Advisor’s 2017 Top Choice Award Restaurant. You may ask, now which restaurant is this? It’s none other than the famous Ishin Japanese Dining. The restaurant has been around for many years now and still growing strong, a testament to show that their consistency in serving quality fine Japanese food had resulted in just that.

Now, if you have driven down through Old Klang Road, chances are you would have came across a large sign which spells out the word “ISHIN”. Many times it caught my eye and I’ve always been meaning to try the food there. Last week, I has the opportunity to just do that which I’d share my experience here. When I first arrived, I almost got tricked into parking at the next building but please don’t be fooled. Due to the limited parking spaces available, there are actually free jockey parking for ISHIN customers so you can dine hassle-free without worrying about where to park.

As you enter through the doors, you’ll be greeted with the minimalist décor with seating options on kitchen island where you can watch the action of the trusty chef preparing your meals and those of the other diners. The cosy ambiance of the restaurant will make you feel relaxed and with drink in hand, it’ll feel as if a friend had invited you over for dinner. I was ushered to the second floor, where private dining spaces were available. Now I understand why the restaurant have been a crowd’s favourite to celelebrate birthdays and anniversaries. For these dining options, reservations made in advance is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

The menu here is viewed from an iPad, with an accompanying picture for every item on the menu. For those who like to choose their menu based on the visual images, this one is for you. Their àla carte variety is extensive ranging from Sashimi, Maki Sushi, Yakimono, Menrui, Nabemono, Shokuji … just to name the few of them.

Special Sashimi Platter | Price varies depending on catch of the day

Special Sashimi Platter | Price varies depending on catch of the day

The sashimi platter came first — entwined bands of unshy, oily shima-aji around pea shoots; firm shiny squares of maguro; transluscent kawahagi fish topped with creamy, smooth black caviar;  gorgeous cuts of hamachi belly; thick chunks of sweet kampachi; a slippery-soft tongue of raw Botan ebi next to its armored head; buttery lobes of Hokkaido uni on the green shiso leaf; crowd’s favourite of salmon toro and sweet, creamy slices of prized hotate.

Tatami Iwashi | RM22

For the appetizer we had a plate of Tatami Iwashi, which at a first look seems thin paper sheets. What it actually is dried baby sardines which have been entwined in a single layer to form mar-like sheet. It was crispy, and extremely addictive.

Tatami Iwashi | RM22

The other appetizer we had was the Gyuniku Tataki — thin slices of lightly seared fillet beef, topped with condiments garlic chips and chives, buried in a citrus sauce.

Gyuniki Tataki | RM47

Special House Maki | RM37

Special House Maki, a thick roll of sushi, where the nori wrapped the fillings of deep fried ebi tempura, lettuce and cucumber with the rice on the outer layer of the maki. The crunchy texture of the maki is indeed welcomed, after the earlier rounds of sashimi platter. 

Unagi Oshizushi | RM51

Unagi Avocado Oshizushi, is a box sushi where it is made by pressing blocks of rice with the special toppings in a mould. The topping used here is the rich flavoured unagi and creamy avocado, resulting in one of the best combination for this sushi. The unagi was crispy on the outside but succulent and tender on the inside. The portions of which are generous, with every bite guaranteed to have a chunk of unagi.

Dobin Mushi | RM30

We have all heard of miso soup but I’m sure Dobin Mushi, a clear soup served in a tea pot. The dashi-based broth is delicate, and the soup contains shrimp, ginkgo nuts and tofu. The teapot soup is served together with a citrus fruit; lime. The soup is poured in the small cup and the ingredients are removed from the pot with chopsticks and placed in the cup. The lime is squeezed a little bit at a time in the cup.

3 Taste Mini Chawanmushi | RM22

The chawanmushi, traditional savory egg custard but this 3 Taste Mini Chawanmushi is the luxury version of the traditional delicacy. It’s served steaming hot in egg shells; a cute innovation and use of ingredients. Each one has a different toppings ; uni, tobikko and caviar. Eating the smooth silky steamed egg was like spooning up the densest top layer from the neck of a bottle of pure cream.

3 Taste Mini Chawanmushi | RM22

3 Taste Mini Chawanmushi | RM22

Shabu Shabu | RM98

As the weather have been on the colder side lately, we decided it’s best to order the Japanese hot pot; shabu shabu. It is served with clear dashi broth in a dual purpose pot on a portal stove.

The raw ingredients are served on two plates, one for the meat of Australian Beef and one for all the veggies. It comes with condiments such as chives, chilies and garlic, alongside with two different sauces of sesame and ponzu.

Shabu Shabu | RM98

Shabu Shabu | RM98

Miyazaki Stone | RM250

The highlight of the night arrived gloriously in the form of Miyazaki beef stone grill and a platter of perfectly speckled marbled wagyu beef. For cuts of this quality, medium rare is highly recommended.

Miyazaki Stone | RM250

Miyazaki Stone | RM250

It’s a self-cooking concept, so you need to be watch as the meat is grilled to get it medium-rare. The flavours are at its peak, where the meat is most tender …. pure beef perfection on a hot stone. Rich, buttery and it melts in your mouth. One good bite of the wagyu and I’m already strategizing on where I can have it next.

Chocolate Parfait | RM19

Ending the night on a sweet note, we ordered a sinfully delicious Chocolate Parfait of chocolate ice cream and topped with a generous amount of cream and a crispy thin wafer. We were also served the special Japanese melon which is famed for its sweetness.

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// No. 202, Persiaran Klang Batu 3, 3/4 Off Jalan Kelang Lama, Old Klang Road, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia //
// 603 – 7980 8228 //
Open daily for lunch 12PM–3PM and dinner 6PM–1AM

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