Eat : Porky Delights at Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches, The Gardens Mall

Riding on the success of their original shop in Seapark, Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches opened it first branch on the top floor of Gardens Mall. I have previously heard of Ticklish which is famed for their pork ribs and sandwiches, but I've never been able to drop by since it's located further away than convenient for me. So, thankfully there's one closer to me where parking is convenient and it’s so much more accessible without all the hassle.

This is my first ever to Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches and I was really impressed with the decor of the place. There is a story about the little piggies which is actually displayed and told in various forms around the shop. Here’s a tip —  look first at the mural on the walls of the shop…then observe the various decorative items around the shop. You can find a huge bamboo pig cage, tiny piglets entering the kitchen to be slaughtered… just to name a few!

When I was there, I had the opportunity to try some of their delicious dishes which all resolves around what the restaurant is famous for, PORK! What I didn’t realise prior to this was that I expected Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches to serve only ribs and sandwiches. But to my surprise, they have quite a variety of rice and noodles dishes too. Let me introduce those first to you. :)

Lazy Bones Curry Pork Lard Rice | RM30

This rice dish comprises of boneless pork ribs meat cooked in curry with the herbs and spices, served with rice, crispy fried pork lard and an egg on the side. The pork ribs was very well marinated and filled with flavours. It’s best to be eaten with rice, because we are Asians like that. But it’s really appetizing to eat the pork with the rice and the crispy pork lard too! Not to miss out, there is also delicious sambal as well.

Lazy Bones Curry Pork Lard Rice | RM30

Hoi Lam Ting Pork Lard Rice | RM16

From the looks of the dish, you can tell that this is dish is similiar to the Hainanese pork chop. The recipe for this dish was one of the founder’s grandmother recipe and they have cooked it in her style. The pork chop is deep-fried and then drenched with the signature Hainanese sweet sour sauce, topped with mixed vegetables and thick cut fries.

Lazy Bones Noodles | RM26

If you’d prefer noodles over rice, this is your option to having their pork ribs meat stir-fried together with spaghetti. Similar to the Lazy Bones Curry Pork Lard Rice, the pork ribs was thoroughly flavoured and this time, the sauce coats the spaghetti too. So every bite, is rich in flavours… YUMS.

Ugly Olio | RM18

This is one of the latest addition to the menu, a twist to the typical aglio olio spaghetti but this one has Hakka Roast Pork in the style of Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches. Fans of cripsy roast pork would marvel at this combination of dish, it’s yummy to eat it with spaghetti too! Instead of olive oil, pork oil is used and cooked with sun-dried chilies. Sinfully, delicious I would say.

Cracken Roast Pork | RM18

For the roast pork lovers, this one is for you! A platter of those sinful crispy roasted pork, give me my siew yuk. The roast pork is sold in limited quantities, first-come-first-served basis, so order ahead if you already plan to have this. Prices vary depending on the weight of the roast pork — 100g | RM 15 , 200g | RM28 , 1/2 block | RM68 and 1 block | RM108.

Cracken Roast Pork | RM18

Flaming Giant Ribs | RM55

Happily Hamsup Ribs | RM36

Of the two ribs I tried, can you guess which one was my favourite? :) If your first thought was the Happily Hamsup Ribs, then you’re absolutely right! That ribs is coated with salted egg goodness all over….. the smell as the dish arrived on the table already gave hints on how delicious it really is. The ribs are crispy fried and followed with salted egg sauce drenched all over it. There is chili padi in it too, for that extra kick!

Flaming Giant Ribs | RM55

The Flaming Giant Ribs was a sight to behold, because it was flamed right under our noses. First, the sauce was poured over the ribs. Then, this was followed by setting fire to a shot of the premium whiskey  which is then poured over the ribs. It was definitely amusing to watch and then try to photograph it too! Taste wise, I loved how tender the meat is and the combination of the different herbs and spices used definitely enhanced the flavour further.

Pull Your Leg Sandwich | RM18

Pandai Pandai Sandwich | RM18

Pull Your Leg Sandwich is playfully named after the very key ingredient of the sandwich, which is the pulled pork which have been simmered with a blend of Indo-Chinese sauces and stuffed into a Cubanos-style bread. On the other hand, the Pandai Pandai Sandwich has pork patty topped with curry sauce and a cheddar mozzarella cheese melted, sandwiched between two toasts.

Pandai Pandai Sandwich | RM18

Babi & Nyonya | RM6

For all dessert lovers out there, you can end your porky feast with black glutinous rice served with creamy coconut milk on shaved ice, with hints of Gula Melaka. This is Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches’s twist on the classic Nyonya dessert!

So if you’re ever craving for any porky-licious meals, you know just where to find it now…. either in Kuala Lumpur at The Gardens Mall or in Petaling Jaya in Sea Park. For the complete address of both the outlets, please refer to the details below.

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// No. 5, Ground floor,  Jalan 21/11A Sea Park, 46300 PJ, Malaysia. //
// 016-3366144 //
Open daily from 12PM to 10PM

// Lot T-216-B, 3rd Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City //
// 012-5672216 //
Open daily from 10AM to 10PM

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