Out & About : Celebrating 15 years of Manhattan FISH MARKET!

It’s no big secret that I’m a huge fan of seafood …. like I can be eating prawns for lunch and then crabs for dinner and that would be like my perfect meals in a day. My go-to option for seafood whenever I’m in a shopping mall would be none other than Manhattan FISH MARKET. My favourite dish would be their grilled and flaming seafood platter! Ohhh, the smell of the flamed prawns is oh-so-heavenly.

So, it’s no surprise that after 15 years since their first outlet in Mid Valley Megamall, Malaysia that the brand is still going strong at ever! Manhattan FISH MARKET commemorated this milestone at their recently renovated outlet in Subang Parade, where we were treated to a seafood galore, performances by local songsters and fun games - truly making a family fun-filled affair.

Over the years, The Manhattan FISH MARKET has expanded its menu to a myriad of seafood cuisines from the original Manhattan Fish ‘N Chips, a signature product to the legendary Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter that has become synonym with the brand. 

The Flaming Seafood Platter is really my favourite dish ever from them. Do try it if you haven’t tried it before! The event kicked off with 3 flaming prawn platters as a token of welcome to respective guests and we were then served with a gastronomical dish of a wide array of specialties, showcased in 5 different cooking styles: grilled, fried, baked, poached and flamed.

Definitely it was a fun-filled event with good, wholesome seafood to feast on just as what Manhattan FISH MARKET is famed for. There were also bite sized appetizers which were served. They were oh-so-delicious! Once again, congratulations on their anniversary, and here’s to many years ahead!

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