Eat : Boat Noodle’s CNY Prosperity Yum Menu !

There is no secret that one of my favourite cuisines is actually Thai food. It’ll probably explain why I went to Bangkok twice in the span of less than 6 months away because I’m absolutely into the Thai cuisine. The Thai street food is absolutely delicious and I find myself often missing them. It’s a little harder to get my fix of authenthic Thai street food fare back in Kuala Lumpur.

When I mention Thai street food, I’m sure one of the type of street food that comes to mind is the boat noodles! Delicious bowls of piping noodles served in bowls, of smaller than usual servings. Yes, that’s the boat noodles I’m talking about. Back home in Malaysia, we have the pioneer in this food which is Boat Noodle Malaysia themselves, aptly named after the dish.

What’s more exciting is that in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, Boat Noodle have introduced their Prosperity Yum Menu! It’s different from their normal menu because they have Tom Yum soup broth as their base versus the usual one. Tom Yum, is one of my favourite flavour of soup so I welcomed this new menu option with open arms.

Springy Noodles - Chicken | RM1.99 per bowl

Springy Noodles - Beef | RM1.99 per bowl

And boy, it did not disappoint one bit! The soup was rich and the creamy kind …. so delicious, you’ll actually finish the soup down to the last drop. There is a choice of Beef or Chicken and an option of either Thai Rice Noodles or Springy Noodles. Depending on your choice of meat, the noodles served is topped with crispy wanton skin, along with chicken slices and ball for the Chicken option or beef slices and ball for the Beef option. So so yummy that I finished 6 bowls of it myself!

Thai Rice Noodles - Beef | RM1.99 per bowl

Thai Rice Noodles - Chicken | RM1.99 per bowl

Thai Fried Chicken | RM1.99 per bowl

On top of these delicious boat noodles, Thai Fried Chicken is also part of the new menu. Despite my strict diet, I never say no to fried chicken … what more one that looks as tempting as this. Just by judging the looks of it, I knew it’ll be a winner in my books. Couple that with the fragnant smell emanating from the glorious dish of fried chicken…. mhmm, it makes me salivate just writing about it now. Taste wise, it was juicy and tender on the inside …. yet, oh-so-cripsy on the outside! Very well marinated with a myriad of spices and with hints of Thai authentic taste, I can’t put a word to that so you simply must try it to know what I’m talking about.

To accompany the new dish offerings, Boat Noodle have also introduced two new drinks flavour. One of which is the super Instagrammable Blue Butterfly— a drink made from the combination of blue butterfly pea flowers and lemongrass. 

It looks pretty in blue but what makes it amazing is the colour-changing properties when lime juice is added into the drink. It will then change to purple in colour! The key to photograph is when you pour the juice in slowly and let the colours show!

The other drink is the Mango Smoothie, a delicious and refreshing drink to quench your thirst on a hot day. Perfectly suitable for mango lovers, as it’s rich in mango flavour with just the right amount of sweetness! The new menu stuck close to their Thai food origins and so this is the place to go for your boat noodles fix if you’re ever craving for them.

Boat Noodle Malaysia have over 46 outlets which you can visit, whichever the most convenient to your location. For the full list of the outlets, do head on to their site at this link >>>  Boat Noodle's outlets <<<  

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