Beauty: Review on BareforBare's Whitening Body Lotion

If there's anything that I'm guilty for neglecting, it's actually body care. As ladies, we usually place so much more emphasis on our face care; from face wash, toner, moisturizer, sunblock and even numerous different kind of masks with various benefits for the face. But when it comes to the body, most of the time I won't apply anything to it. Occasionally, on those rare days I’d use a body scrub during my shower or I’d remember to use my in-shower body lotion.

What I actually don’t realise is the fact that we live in a tropical climate country where we are exposed to about approximately 200 plus hours of sunshine in a month. As wonderful it is to have a climate akin to an all-year summer, these sunrays in the form of ultraviolet (UV) radiation come with its harmful consequences too. One of the more serious consequences is actually premature aging of the skin and of course, the more common effect of exposure to these UV rays is a melanin pigmentation  —in other words, tanning of the skin.

There is actually a pretty simple solution to avoid this all from happening! Wear a body lotion which comes with sun protection as well, such a simple way to overcome it. Meet Bare for Bare’s Whitening Body Lotion, a multi-functional body lotion that comes with a SPF15 which would offer you sufficient protection to get you by the day.

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Originated from Singapore, Bare for Bare is purely inspired and formulated with natural and botanical ingredients in every of its products to give the best to human and Mother Earth. It offers a range of masstige and exclusive home-spa inspired quality that pampers you endlessly and to suit every of your needs, whenever you need some relaxation and to unwind.
The journey of Bare for Bare started from our very unique concept of Mix & Match in our Body Care series of Body Wash and Body Lotion. It allows you to personalize scents that’s uniquely-yours, to uplift your mood, based on your needs and preference of the day. Each product is richly formulated and infused with combinations of essential oils, giving you the most uplifting and pampering body care regime experiences.

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True to what Bare for Bare’s embodies, my initial thoughts when I first opened the box was how aromatic it actually is. The body care range actually comes in four amazingly aromatic scents for you to choose from – Rosemary, Lemongrass & Ginger, Green Tea and Bergamot & Geranium. The one I have is the Bergamot & Geranium smells absolutely calming and relaxing, especially if you’re stressed …. the smell of this will rid away your worries.

Bare for Bare Whitening Body Lotion SPF15 | RM79

The Bare for Bare Whitening Body Lotion SPF15 is the latest addition in the Body Care category. comes in a size of 180ml, priced at RM79. This product contains the key whitening ingredient in this specially formulated whitening body lotion, known as melavoid. The melavoid is obtained from the roots of punarnava, a well-known herb with high medicinal benefits. It has dual lightening action that prevents the initial phase of melanin formation, at the same time, treats skin by evening out skin tone and reduces spots in number and intensity, prevent the formation of new dark spots, resulting in brighter and even skin tone. With these benefits obtained, it’s a no wonder that it’s been included in this product.

Shea butter being one of the key moisturizing ingredient in the world of body care, hence it’s no surprise that this lotion is also a very good remedy for dry skin due to its natural ability to protect skin’s natural oils. In addition to that the lotion’s benefit is enhanced with the inclusion of  Macadamia Oil which has high content of Omega 9, hence the skin will be nutritiously moisturized, and softened, while Omega 6 works well to restore the skin barrier function and reduces water loss, keeping skin plumped up and healthy. With Sunflower Seed Oil being another part of the ingredients, this oil acts as an emollient that softens rough and dry skin especially areas like elbows, knees and heels too!

The product when pressed right out of the tube, appears clumpy and uneven. However, it was actually really easy to apply and spread the lotion. What really amazes me the most is after spreading the product, it felt as though my skin was like a sponge soaking up all the nutrients! There was no sticky feeling, and my skin was actually smoother after the application. The best part? It’s how amazing delicious my skin is. I have to stop myself from smelling myself too much. It’s such a nice aroma, very calming and relaxing —similar to that aroma commonly used in spas.

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Needless to say I’m pretty sold and have incorporated it in my daily regime, I mean how could I not to with such an aromatic scent! You can purchase them from the official website [ ] – worldwide shipping or from the following e-commerce sites ---> { Lazada } { Shopee } { 11street } . If you prefer shopping through a brick-mortar shops, you can get them from  Parkson’s PLAY UP Advance located at the Fahrenheit88’s mall or at all SASA Malaysia’s 26 outlets!

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