Out & About: Best Florist is A Better Florist!

Do you want to get the inside scoop on who the best florist in Malaysia is? There’s no doubt that A Better Florist takes the throne as the florist crew who has pushed the limits and won the hearts of entire Malaysia... including a couple of other places. A Better Florist’s story as a flower shop started with being a florist Singapore was thrilled with. 

They were offering something different, were creative and fast. Singaporeans are a known tough crowd, so if they love it too, it’s guaranteed that this is a good florist. After they became the best Singapore flower delivery, they expanded to other places, and now offering Hong Kong flower delivery. This is where they expanded to quickly become the best florist in HK. In other regions or countries, they have earned the title to being the best florist in Dubai and the best florist in Kuala Lumpur, amongst others. 

When you purchase your first flowers or a hamper from A Better Florist, it will be the last time you ever go looking for another florist, because there’s really no need for it once you found A Better Florist. Not only do they have a keen sense for aesthetics, they also have everything you would ever need, from funeral flowers to grand opening flowers KL business usually need. They cater both from smaller to bigger businesses, and know how to make everything from funeral flowers to Valentine’s Day floral wreaths.

Besides the gorgeous flowers, which come in trendy mason jars, but also in elegant, traditional burlap wrapping, A Better Florist has a hamper selection to offer for just about any special event. From a new born baby hamper, to a get well soon hamper, they can create it all from scratch, and tailor it to according to your wishes. Whatever you order is going to look exactly like you want it to look like, so you don’t end up having the same hamper or fruit basket as someone else at the party.

The way they differ from other flower shops is also by their delivery and the way you can shop. While online shopping isn’t a revolution, the ease of the experience definitely is a pleasant change, especially because you can order from your phone. And the condenced flower collections make it even more simple to order. As far as delivery goes, they have a same day flower delivery that is completely free and can arrive with your flowers in about 90 minutes. This is not just for flowers, they have a fruit basket delivery and a hamper delivery.

A Better Florist makes it to one of my favorite options when it comes to flowers Malaysia has to offer. If you would love to try them out, you can also check out their UAE flower delivery as well as their flower delivery Hong Kong which is just as amazing!

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