Review : My Virgin Eyelash Extension Experience at Luminous Beauty Parlour, Desa Park City

After much hesitation and consideration, I finally decided to have my eyelashes extended at Luminous Beauty Parlour! Luminous Beauty Parlour is located in Plaza Arkadia in Desa Park City and I have posted previously about how gorgeous the place is. To read about one of the most prettiest parlour I have ever been to, click here >>> The Beautiful Luminous Beauty Parlour!

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// G-1-7, Plaza Arcadia No.3 Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Park City //
// 017-260 3180 //
Open daily from 11AM to 8PM on weekdays and 10AM to 7PM on weekends

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There are many myths and concerns surrounding the eyelash extension procedure, most of which was what I heard from others or thought it would happen should I have an extension of eyelashes done. Let me list them down below and do share what your concerns are too, if I didn’t list it!
  1. The procedure of the extension is painful or uncomfortable.
  2. They can damage your natural eyelashes.
  3. Eyelash extensions will make your natural lashes fall out.
Prior to my session in Luminous Beauty Parlour, I had no expectation of the procedure and was pretty much clueless on how the procedure was like. It is not as scary as what it seems like, you don’t have to go under the knife! Haha, what is there to it is that false lashes would be glued onto your natural lashes. That is all to it, basically.

The process starts with the bottom lashes being taped down and your eyes closed. When your lashes are taped down, there shouldn’t be any discomfort. My eyelash technician used a mild sticky tape to hold my lower lashes down and I honestly didn’t feel uncomfortable. The next step is to pick up lashes with tweezers, dip them in glue, isolate one natural lash at one time and then attach the synthetic lash onto your natural lash one by one. It’s a very meticulous process and it would explain why the procedure actually takes up about 2 hours for me.

On average, the number of lashes applied would be approximately 80-120 lashes. Over at Luminous Beauty Parlour, the eyelash technician will decide the number of lashes to apply based on the look you’re trying to achieve. Before the start of the procedure, she asked on what look I preferred and whether I would like the focus to be at the center or on the end of my eyes. As this was my first time, I told her I’d prefer a more natural look with more focus at the center. A center focused one would mean my eyes would appear larger whereas the end focused one would create the illusion of a longer eyes.

So, it really depends on what your preference really is. Based on my preference, my eyelash technician opted for a 10mm length of curly lashes. The effect achieve with the kind of lashes used in Luminous, is a resulting 3D effect which is why it’s known as 3D Eyelash Extension. During the application of these lashes, sometimes there would be a tingling session as the false lashes are glued on. This sensation is mild and should be expected. What it should not be is a painful experience. I had a friend, Tiffany Lee who shared with me how painfully horrible her experience was because of bad quality glue used by the beauty centre. You can read more about her experience in the screenshot below.

Rest assured that Luminous Beauty Parlour uses good quality glue because I didn’t even feel any tingling sensation. The only thing I felt was my lashes was touched, because a false eyelash was being placed over it. It was only at the end of the procedure, that I finally felt the tingling sensation. It will cause you to tear a little, but that is normal and painless.

There is an art to this eyelash extension procedure because the eyelash technician would need to know the balance of applying just the right amount of glue on the lashes. Too much of glue would actually damage your real lashes as the real lashes could fall out with it or it would irritate your natural lashes. So when the extension is done right, it won’t hurt your lashes.

On the last myth, the lashes extension does not cause your natural lashes to fall out. The false lashes simply rests on your natural lashes and if your natural lashes fall out, the false ones would do. Otherwise the false lashes might even drop on its own due to wear and tear, given that we use face wash and make up remover or any other beauty products which would result in the glue wearing out. Hence, it’s recommended to avoid using oil-based remover or any heavy oily eye cream whilst you have the extension.

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Overall, my experience on the eyelash extension procedure is a positive one. This is greatly contributed by the fact that my eyelash technician was very professional and skilled to perform the procedure. I was very satisfied with the end results. She was thoughtful in choosing the right length of false lashes as well as the placement of the lashes. She avoided putting them too close to my inner eyes as she was afraid it would irritate my eyes and cause me to rub my eyes.

Oh, do note that these false lashes are extremely fragile so you’re absolutely not allowed to rub it at all. Doing so will cause your false lashes to all fall out, leaving weird spaces in between the lashes. At the point of writing, it’s been a week since and some of the lashes have fallen off as with the wear and tear. But the effect of the eyelash extension is still is noticeable.

Over time, these false lashes will slowly fall out until it’s all gone. I think I will need some time to get used to just my natural lashes. I’m growing to love my look with these amazingly curly lashes. To extend the lifespan of the lashes, it is recommended not to wear thick eye makeup as it would result in a need to use makeup remover. The usage of remover will result in the glue losing it adhesiveness. Besides that, after wetting your lashes (especially after washing your face), it is recommended to use a mascara brush to comb the lashes so that they will dry evenly. The false lashes have a tendency to clump together when it’s wet.

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