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Open spaces are becoming the norm in newer property developments. More and more people are choosing to knock down a wall or two to create a more spacious interior. What’s more, with spaces getting smaller and smaller, and developers choosing to build upwards , it becomes even more vital for you to make your space look as big as it possibly can look, such as hdb tao payoh and certain high rise apartments.

For an open-plan concept to succeed, you’ll need to make your space look cohesive, with the challenge of not using restrictive walls. “Fluidity” and “flow” are the key words to any open-plan space. However, do remember that less is more when it comes to a wall-less home.


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Dividers are your friend. Although the lack of doors and walls in an open-plan concept make your space appear much bigger than it actually is, it sometimes makes everything jumbled together. It can be hard to discern which part of the room is the living room, which is the kitchen and which is the dining area. Add in some mid-wall partitions to help split up and designate these different areas. Or you can also use an open bookshelf for this purpose. What’s more is that they can also double up as your storage space.

Low-ceilinged partitions

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A ceiling-based partition is a clever take on traditional mid-wall partitions. Rather than removing the wall completely, you can leave a bit of wall extended from the ceiling. This helps section up spaces in your home that have individual purposes in order to keep each part of the open-plan space distinct from each other. You can also think about incorporating mid-wall partitions together with ceiling partitions to mix it up and create a separate space but still maintain a space that breathes.

Brighten up

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Bright and light spaces open up the room even more. White and light color palettes give the illusion of being bigger, brighter and cleaner. White alone may be a boring choice, so add in some wood tones and pops of accents. The key here is to make sure your interior space flows from one into another to maintain the needed coherence. One way to do this is with seamless wooden carpentry such as built-in cabinets that are in a light stain. This helps maintain a bright and coherent open space that is sure to suit any modern lifestyle.

Let light flow

Lighting is an important aspect of any space, even more so for smaller apartments. Give your wall-less home a cohesive ambience with coherent lighting throughout your home. It helps give purpose to your design and makes your ideas “flow” from one room to another. For example, you can use track lighting and black connectors to tie your rooms together if you are going for an industrial design.

Vertical flooring

Just as vertical stripes elongate a person’s stature and make them look taller, the same notion can apply to your space as well. Consider adding vertical striping to your floor – it can be in the form of a wooden floor with grains laid out vertically – to help elongate your space. This concept does not only apply to your floors. You can use this idea in your furniture as well. Add in a large wooden dining table with grains that flow in the same direction as your flooring. Not only does it unify the look of your entire space, it looks stunning as well! You can bring this theme even further by emulating it through paneled cupboards and half painted walls (which is also a trick to make homes look bigger).

White all around

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Although it can be a nightmare if you have children, a white theme adds to the open space look and feel. It makes your home without walls look even more spacious and welcoming than it already is. Finish up your space with white and light furniture.

Modern design

Think you might lose a bit of privacy by removing the walls? Not to worry. You can try an approach somewhere along the middle. Replace your traditional doors with pivoting panels. That way, you can have a fun and unique way to separate your rooms when you need the privacy, and a more open breezy space when you don’t. This not only a creates a space that is special but is also functional as well. You can even go further and go for a door-less bathroom – if you have the courage, that is!

Cement it

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If you’re afraid of your space being too monotone with all the wood surfaces, consider adding a bit of ruggedness with cement. Contrast your white walls and ceilings with raw concrete flooring. While you’re at it, add in a tile dining counter to up the industrial factor.

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