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Ever since I discovered Althea, it has always been my default shopping platform to get my Korean beauty essentials items. My experience shopping there has proven that prices on their site is indeed very competitive and can sometimes be cheaper than shopping in Korea itself. As Althea deals with beauty products everyday, it’s no surprise that they have explored into making beauty products themselves. The first of product ever released by Althea was the Petal Velvet Beauty Powder.

Now, the gossip is out and Althea have actually released their first range of beauty, skincare products which is known as Bare Essential. With so many different beauty products in the market these days, Althea aims to simplify the whole process by introducing just three products. The Bare Essential range features three products that can be used for any skin type: a Contour Cleanser, a Primer Water and a Fixer Cream. With just these three products, it’ll be able to provide the skin with all the necessities it needs without needing any other additional products.

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Contour Cleanser

The first step of every beauty regime would the cleansing step and this Contouring Cleanser is made with micro capsules that gently melt into the skin, gently exfoliating away any dead skin cells and impurities from the skin. I was pleasantly surprised and honestly love this feature the most because the microbeads I have came to know are those that I heard will clog up pores. However, Althea have managed to come out with these micro capsules which actually melts away as you rub it along.

It’s infused with ice plant and lemon myrtle extracts, which ensures that the skin is clean but also strengthens and refreshes for a healthy complexion. It also helps to promote blood circulation, effectively reducing swelling for a defined, slim face shape. It’s pretty easy to use this cleanser; damp your skin, lather it on – and massage it in circular motion, then rinse it off with water.

Primer Water

This product is a 2-in-1 wonder where it is both a hydrating toner and primer in a single bottle. The product is made with snow lotus extract and contains patented 'dewdrop' technology that allows hydration to penetrate within the layers of the skin. With the application of Primer Water , the skin is moisturised immediately and putting a second layer will give it even more moisture.

What I loved about the Primer Water is how lightweight it really is. My preference for beauty products are those that are easily absorbed by the skin and won’t leave a sticky trace behind. Similarly, the Primer Water has these properties. The application for this product is even simpler, you just need to pour a small amount out and apply it evenly over the face. It carries a stronger than usual floral scent, which may be off-putting for some. However, after some time you’ll get used to the scent.

Fixer Cream

Last but not least, the final product of the Bare Essential range is the Fixer Cream. The cream is rich with antioxidants from wild green tea extracts, and it actually helps to promote collagen in the skin using baobab tree extract … hence, leaving your skin looking great and feeling bouncy to the touch. Similar to the Primer Water, the Fixer Cream also has a stronger than usual scent – I would say that the scent is a floral type, so fans of floral notes will come to love this.

The cream has a lightweight formulation which is easily absorbed into the skin but however, when applied it actually left a balmy kind of finish. 

Seal in all that hydration with the Fixer Cream, a non-oily, quick absorbing moisturizer formulated with nourishing ingredients. This little jar packs quite a punch in the moisture department thanks to trehalose (a powerful humectant that retains moisture on the skin), and provides the skin with hydration for up to 24 hours for a smooth and supple radiance. It's also rich in antioxidants from wild green tea extracts, and helps to promote collagen in the skin using baobab tree extract, leaving your skin looking great and feeling bouncy to the touch.

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