Eat : DurianBB’s First Ever Durian Buffet Party in Singapore

While we may not experience four season in the South East Asia region but, nevertheless we still have our favourite season and that is the DURIAN season! I’m sure many will agree with me that it’s really one of the best season to have especially when you’re a fan of the exotically aromatic fruit. Once the season arrives, Malaysians would be torn for choices with a plethora of durian shops to eat from. One of the most welcomed addition to the market is DurianBB Park, where durians  are available all year round with the fruits obtained directly from their farms in Raub, Pahang and Chanthaburi, Thailand. Their flagship outlet is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur making it super accessible and convenient to drop.

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DurianBB Park

No. 15, Jalan Kamuning, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
// 603-2110 3475 //

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DurianBB's Buffet Party in Singapore!

One of the signature events by DurianBB is their DURIAN BUFFET PARTY, which are held in collaboration with Malaysia Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) where DurianBB played host to the largest durian tasting parties in the world. Fresh durians were flown directly from Malaysia then feasted upon right away at the parties and I have had the absolute pleasure to attend their first ever event in Singapore.

The durian party was in the style of an eat-all-you-can for a period of 2 hours where we were firstly served with a tray of 5 signature variant of durian. They were the D197 (Musang King), D24 (XO), D13 (Golden Bun), D101 (Red Flesh), and D158 (Cheong Peng). The durians were placed in an order with a sequence to eat them in as each of the durian have their distinct taste and some was stronger than others (hence, should be eaten last). After that, there was free-flow durians of D197 (Musang King), D24 (XO), and D13 (Golden Bun).

I don’t know about others but for me, this was so a dream come true for me because I’ve always wanted to feast on durians like buffet style  but have never been able to do so in Kuala Lumpur because of the mixed reviews I have heard from the buffets held back home. But the selections available at DurianBB was indeed impressive that we could choose from the crowd’s favourite of Musang King, as well as D24!

The free flow of the durians came in plates, which were gloriously placed on our tables and refills was obtained whenever we finish them. It was such an interesting experience indeed! This was because my friends and I were estimating how many durians could we each eat in total. We were given a small container each to discard the seeds and by the end of the event, we counted that each of us approximately ate 20 pieces!

If you’ve missed your chance to attend this event, fret-not as DurianBB has signature products which are made from genuine Musang King flesh. During the event, I managed to sample their Musang King Bar which is a delicious ice cream bar… so rich in taste. It makes me crave for it as I’m typing this now. Here is a pictorial detailing all the products that are manufactured by DurianBB! For Singaporeans, you can find these products in various Cold Storage and Market Place outlets.

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