Beauty : Here’s The Body Sparkling Mist that Keeps You Fresh

In the last year, it has been quite a exciting year for Althea especially so if you’ve been following their exclusive releases where they launched quite a range of products. Here are some of them which I wrote reviews on, feel free to read through them as the review would allow you to understand better about their products as well as my thoughts on using them.

This time around, Althea released yet another product but it’s a special one as it’s their first ever collaboration with a celebrity from Indonesia. Meet Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist by Titi Kamal and Althea. Titi Kamal is an Indonesian actress and singer who is uber stylish and has a knack for fashion and style. She’s most recognized by the luxuriously long black hair, which she has maintained for 10 years as it’s stipulated in her contract  to maintain her iconic look. No wonder, she’s been invited to collaborate with Althea on a product which embodies her elegance and of course, her essence. No pun intended here!

What is it?

As the name suggests, this product is a spray-on body mist which has fruity and floral notes with its ingredients being derived from Damask rose water, Orange flower extract and Elder flower extract. The rose water helps to keep the skin hydrated and gives a gentle fragrance. Meanwhile, the orange flower extract refreshes the senses, giving it that tangy smell. The last key ingredient is the elder flower extract cools and soothes the skin with hints of feminine scent. It’s suitable for all skin types and comes in a size of 100ml.

How to use?

Super easy! Just spray on your body. Well, that is true but it’s best to spray after you shower and before you ideally leave the house because you’ll feel and smell amazing too! As the product is portably sized, you can bring it along with you to give yourself a quick refresher of scent. <3


I love how feminine the product was designed, in a shade of colour that obviously would appeal to the ladies alike. As with most of Althea’s product, this one was also sealed with a sticker which came in handy to obviously prevent leakages. After the first usage, you’ll need to remove the sticker for your ease of convenience. But rest assured as the cap seals quite tightly on its own as well.

In terms of the scent, I’m actually a person who is quite fussy with scents that can get too overwhelming so I found this to be mild, gentle and really refreshing. I love how the it starts out with a whiff of significant floral notes and mellowed down to a base note of a mild fruity scent. It’s a very easy-going scent and this is coming from someone who doesn’t use body mist. Even perfumes are a rarity, I only use one type which is the one with baby powder scent!

Where to buy?

You can get it directly from the Althea’s site and I have included the link here for your ease of Stay Fresh Sparkling Mist (Singapore) | S$ 11.60  or  Stay Fresh Sparkling Mist (Malaysia) | RM35.00.

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